14-18 LT1 & 17-18 GS w/Auto CORSA Sport Valve-Back Exhaust System w/Quad 4.5" Black Tips

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By: Corsa
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    CORSAs patented Reflective Sound Cancellation technology is now available for the 2014-2018 Stingray Corvette! The best of both worlds is possible with the new CORSA C7 Corvette valve-back exhaust system; GMs proprietary valve technology coupled with CORSAs RSC muffler technology that eliminates drone, increases flow, maximizes power and provides the great sound that youve come to expect from Corvettes leader in performance exhaust systems. Fits 2014-2018 LT1 Stingray Corvette with manual or automatic transmission and 2017-2018 Grand Sport models equipped with automatic transmission.

    CORSAs patented Reflective Sound Cancellation technology utilizes sound waves to tune out bad frequencies and virtually eliminate interior resonance all you hear is great sound! All-stainless construction features a straight through muffler design for superior flow and minimum backpressure. All CORSA products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

    CORSA has completely engineered a new exhaust system specifically designed for your 2014-2018 LT1 Corvette. Hundreds of hours of engineering, design and testing time have allowed CORSA to produce the ultimate C7 Corvette exhaust system. In combination with the Double Helixx X-Pipe its possible to unlock up to 20hp and 15lb/ft of torque over the stock exhaust system.

    Since the introduction of RSC (Reflective Sound Cancellation) technology, Zip Corvette has yet to see a manufacturer match CORSA's performance on these four characteristics (+ HP, + Torque, no resonance & great sound). In addition, you will also experience some trailing throttle noise (or burble) on deceleration, so do not be surprised when your audience thinks you are driving a full blown race car.

    CORSA C7 Corvette Sport Exhaust System features include:

    • Designed for 2014-2018 LT1 7-Speed Manual & Automatic Corvettes and 2017-2018 Grand Sport Corvette with Automatic.
    • Valve-back muffler system attaches behind the factory GM valves
    • Works for both NPP and non-NPP Corvettes.
    • Supports all modes including 4-cylinder eco mode.
    • 2.75" nonrestrictive system design maximizes airflow & improves performance.
    • Black Diamond Quad 4.5" Pro-Series Stainless Steel tips.
    • RSC technology produces increased flow, maximum power while eliminating no interior drone.
    • All components, clamps and hangers are constructed of premium grade 304 stainless steel.
    • 50-State emissions legal.
    • Proudly engineered and manufactured in USA.
    • Limited lifetime warranty.

    The new C7 Corvette exhaust systems include clamp on tip designs that will guarantee a perfect tip alignment every time PLUS the option of changing out your tips as new tip designs become available. Tips can be changed in less than 10 minutes. Corsa's Black Diamond tips feature a PVD coating that gives the exhaust tips a black chrome look but more importantly, the strength to hold up to heat and normal wear and tear.

    Note: The new CORSA C7 Corvette valve-back design attaches behind the factory exhaust valves, utilizing the factory over axle pipes. The pipes must be cut to install the new CORSA exhaust system. New 2.75mufflers eliminate the factory 2.5 neck down; installation is handled with heavy duty stainless clamps. Detailed instructions are provided for installation.

    Consider CORSAs Double Helixx, Zip Corvette part # EX-892, for maximum benefit through balanced exhaust pulses.

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    Corsa built its reputation as a premier aftermarket exhaust manufacturer with its no-drone, Reflective Sound Cancellation(R) technology and high performance systems. Since entering the Corvette market in 1998, Corsa has continued to innovate and offers a comprehensive product line for performance Corvette exhaust. As you consider which exhaust is right for your Corvette, consider Corsa from Zip.