68-76 Power Brake Booster (Replacement)

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  • Factory Corvette power brakes acting more like standard brakes? If you find yourself standing on the brakes applying as much pressure as possible to get your Corvette stopped - then most likely your power brake vacuum booster as losing vacuum and needs to be replaced.

    Zip Corvette has available replacement 1968-1976 Corvette power brake vacuum boosters. These boosters are completely assembled and ready for installation - including the rear boot, pedal push rod and vacuum check valve.

    Original 1968-1976 Corvette power brake vacuum boosters were painted black, 1977-1982 came from the factory plated.

    Note: Replacement 1968-1976 Corvette brake boosters are built with metric studs attaching to the firewall/pedal support bracket. Due to the size of the nuts included - the booster can be difficult to install as a standard socket will not fit around the nut and inside the pedal metal housing. Zip Corvette has sourced special flanged nuts to aid installation. We recommend purchasing part # ZSF-525 to complete installation. For a true "no hassle" installation - consider purchasing Zip # DB-1058, our 100% correct reproduction 1968-1976 Corvette power brake booster.

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