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1969-1972 Corvette Windshield Wiper Motor (Remanufactured)

69-72 Windshield Wiper Motor (Remanufactured)

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1969-1972 Corvette remanufactured windshield wiper motor will restore your Corvette's wiper system to its original working condition. Does not include washer pump or mount bushings.

Wiper Motor Removal The wiper motor is held to the cowl with by three studs coming from the windshield side. First, gain access by raising the wiper door assembly to its highest position, this can be done by removing the plug from the wiper door vacuum canister and pulling the wiper door up. Additional access can be gained by removing the (8) screws holding the wiper door grill in place. Disconnect the wiper arms from the ball stud on the back of the wiper motor; two nuts with attaching washers hold the arms to the ball stud. There is also a single nut that holds the ball stud bracket to the back of the wiper motor, this may need to be removed as well. Try to reach these components without removing the wiper door, as removing wiper doors typically cause other problems including broken bolts which typically require professional repair. Once the arms are loose, simply loosen the three nuts on the front of the wiper motor and the motor can be pulled straight forward and off the cowl.

When replacing the wiper motor with a new or remanufactured unit, order separately the wiper motor mount bushings (HDL-239 or WW-370) & wiper motor firewall seal (# ZWW-232) as these are usually dry and cracked due to engine compartment heat.