05-13 AP Racing Radi-Cal Rear 4-Piston Brake Package w/Rotors
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From the tracks of Le Mans, Monaco, Indy & Daytona and now available for your C6 Corvette, the new AP Racing Radi-CAL by STILLEN big brake kits are the best brake kits on the market. They come with calipers that are 20% stronger and 25% lighter than other comparable brake kits, curve vaned discs in a J-hook or cross drilled and slotted pattern, high performance brake pads, and stainless steel brake lines. Everything you need for maximum performance from your Corvette Stingrays brake system.

AP Racing Radi-Cal by STILLEN big brake kit have been specifically designed for the C6 Corvette Stingray. Utilizing AP Racing rotors and Radi-Cal calipers, and STILLENs custom Corvette specific mounting hats and brackets. These components are designed and machined in STILLEN's in-house facilities using the latest technology in CNC lathe and mill machining.

Check out these features of the C6 Corvette AP Racing Radi-Cal big brake kit:

Radi-Cal Calipers - AP Racing pressure forged aluminum caliper bodies are tested at over half a million cycles of pressure and torque to meet AP Racing's stringent validation testing, ensuring the maximum stiffness and durability required for use on road registered vehicles. Forged aluminum calipers are 20% stronger and lighter than a similarly sized caliper using a casting process. The AP designed opposed-piston guarantees maximum stiffness for better pedal feel and immediate braking action from the drivers input. The Radi-CAL four piston rear caliper designs allow for a larger pad area to be used which decreases heat at the friction point while maintaining brake torque. This single detail increases both rotor and pad service life. Additionally, a larger calipers aid in braking performance by acting as a more efficient lever on the rotor, applying more torque and force to the rotor.

AP Racing Rotors - AP Racing uses proprietary cast iron alloy material designed specifically for high performance and weekend track use. Rotors supplied with the Radi-Cal brake kits are available in either the J Hook or Slotted / Cross-Drilled design. There are many benefits to the AP Racing patented J hook design. The main benefit is the increased durability and longevity. As the brake pad grabs the J Hook rotor, the leading edges create additional bite on the pad face and provide the driver with a much more noticeable and positive feedback in braking performance. Additionally, a drilled rotor can potentially form cracks from rapid contraction and expansion during hard use. Because the J hook machining process does not go through the rotor, it prevents the rotor from forming surface cracks and therefore can withstand better the high temperatures and hard driving. Finally, the J hook finish retains all of the benefits of a traditional slotted rotor as it cleans the pad surface, and allows the pad to outgas through the recessed channels.

There are many good reasons why cross-drilled / slotted rotors have been recognized as the highest performing brake rotors available. The cross-drilled holes greatly aid in cooling allowing the rotor to breath, while at the same time they adding additional bite. When manufacturing a cross-drilled / slotted rotor, it is extremely important that the rotor be designed to be finished with this pattern. This means that the drilled holes must line up perfectly with the internal cooling vanes so as to not affect the overall structure of the rotor. Additionally, the holes must be precision finished with a chamfered edge to prevent stress fractures from forming which leads to a breakdown of the pad. By giving the hole a radius edge, it allows the iron to expand and contract naturally without creating a possible stress point.

Fits 2005-2013 Corvettes - specify black or red calipers and J Hook or Cross Drilled/Slotted when ordering.

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Generation C6
Model Year 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

AP Racing

Original Equipment (OEM) brake systems do the job they were intended to -- stop safely and quietly for the lowest cost possible. After adding performance upgrades, while towing, or just having some fun in the canyons, OE brakes can be overwhelmed by heat and fade when the moment of truth arrives. At STILLEN, the best means AP Racing. Period. AP Racing supplies high performance braking systems for championship winning teams in Formula 1, NASCAR, LeMans, FIA GT, ALMS, LMES, Grand Am, Super GT, BTCC, DTM, etc. In nearly all types of serious motorsports racing around the world, AP Racing gets the call more often when only the best will do.

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