05-13 Speed Lingerie 5-in-1 Rear Deck Cover
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Protect your C6 Corvette in multiple areas with the 5-in-1 Rear Deck Cover by SpeedLingerie. SpeedLingerie first developed their 5-in-1 multi-purpose protection for the C6 Corvette, until then no one had a single solution for so much protection. It's called the Rear Deck Cover, but it's so much more!

Check out these features built into the SpeedLingerie 5-in-1 Rear Deck Cover:

  • REAR DECK COVER The rear deck cover attaches to the cargo net pins in the trunk area and protects the rear top deck from scratches/nicks/etc. It also protects the rear fascia from nicks caused by belt buckles. When finished, simply flip it into the trunk or over your luggage so it is ready when you reach inside again. If it's stored/flipped over luggage in the trunk, it also protects the underside of your rear trunk lid from being nicked/scratched by protruding pieces of luggage.
  • CARGO COVER (coupes) To keep your luggage and gear stowed neatly out of sight and protected from the rays of the sun, you can attach the Cargo Cover to the inside of your rear deck lid. Connect the long cord to the two forward hooks, and the two loops to the two rear hooks. With the body colored side facing upwards, it appears as if the rear deck surface continues beneath the rear glass. A very clean solution with a very factory look.
  • TRUNK MAT Lay the Rear Deck cover flat on the trunk floor to protect your trunk carpeting from dirty shoes, golf bags, etc. Plus the trunk mat can be wiped clean. Mud and dirt can be more easily cleaned from a smooth surface than from carpeting.
  • DOOR COVER When you go to the grocery store, you park far away. Still one car always seems to park right next to you. In your garage, no longer worry about your Corvette's door getting nicked by the door of the second car in your garage or the kids as they are getting their bikes out to ride. SpeedLingerie cleverly sewed a cord into the Rear Deck Cover to make it a Door Cover. You just slip the cord over the raised driver door window, align the cut-out for the mirror head, and it protects your C6 Corvette's door. The Door Cover blends with the car because it's produced in the body color. The cord is locked inside the window and cannot be removed without cutting the cord. PLUS we made the rear edge longer than your car door, so if you swing your own door wide you will not chip your door edge on a wall or another car.
  • FENDER COVER Last but not least.. You're at the gas station and you need to check your oil but you don't want to risk scratching the fender as you reach over it. Who carries a fender blanket with them? You do. The fasteners sewn into the Rear Deck Cover, now Fender Cover, attach to the hood stand-offs (by the wiper and inside the headlight assembly) in the engine bay. This also solves the issue of the standard fender blanket sliding off of the narrow front fender of a Corvette.

All Speed Lingerie products are custom designed for your Corvette and manufactured from the highest grade materials - providing the look and fit that you expect for your Corvette. Available in all factory exterior colors. Specify color when ordering.

This item is proudly Made in the USA

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Generation C6
Model Year 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Speed Lingerie

How do you drive fast on modern roads without the finish of your Corvette being torn to shreds? Honestly, we at Zip aren’t sure it’s possible without a Speed Lingerie bra protecting the front end. Based in Mountain View, CA, Speed Lingerie has one purpose - “extreme function dictating extreme form”. Speed Lingerie installation is simple and non-invasive (no drilling required!), and the form will please even the pickiest of car critics. If you’d like to protect the finish of your Corvette, browse Zip’s inventory of Speed Lingerie products.

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