06-13 LS3/LS7 Zip 58lb Fuel Injectors
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Zip Corvette has been diligently working to develop a better fuel injector for C6 Corvettes for over 2 years. After calibrating and building many high horsepower Corvettes in house we realized there must be a better solution.

There are several variables that must be correct in order for an injector to perform like your factory fuel injectors. The reason for this is because there are models built into the ECM that cannot be modified or changed. One of these variables is the spray pattern; the factory injector has a pencil type spray pattern, which basically shoots the fuel directly at the valve. Cone shaped patterns do not exist on factory injectors. There are models in the ECU that deal with evaporated fuel and intake valve temperature that is directly impacted by the spray pattern. In addition, there are limits in the ECM that will only allow a maximum injector size of 63.3lbs per hour in 2005-2008 Corvettes. This means that if you take a normal 60lb injector, which could flow more than 63.3 depending on what state the engine is in, the ECM will not be able to correctly control fueling during this time. These were all problems we faced when modifying our own Corvettes.

Zip Corvette is now introducing our own 2006-2013 58lbs/hr fuel injector for the LS3 or LS7 equipped C6 Corvette. Our injectors have the identical spray pattern as the factory injector which eliminates the need to modify any ECM tables dealing with fuel evaporation on port wall or injector timing. All fuel injectors are dynamically matched; we use a modified ASNU fuel injector bench with custom software to run the injectors at 5 different injector timings plus a static opening to match every set of injectors. All injectors have less than a 1% variance from one another. This is not normal, most matched injector sets are a 3% +/- tolerance which could end up leaving a cylinder 6% different from another in that case. With Zips 58lb injectors you have less than a 1% +/- tolerance.

Injector spray pattern is controlled and modified by using an EDM machining process. These are not drilled fuel injectors. It is impossible to drill a .013 size hole straight and accurate, without leaving residue along the edges. The drilling process is what causes fluctuations in spray pattern and inconsistencies in flow. The EDM process, created for the Aerospace industry, uses a heated wire to physically cut the metal which burns a perfect hole. Specials jigs are designed to hold each injector insuring the precise location and perfect alignment. The result is a perfectly dimensioned hole that is round and in the precise location as the factory injectors. The process makes it possible to duplicate an exact spray pattern which allows for perfectly matched injectors.

All Zip 58lb fuel injectors include full injector data so that you can update the injector data in your ECM. This information will ship with the flow matched injectors on a USB thumb drive. In order to change the injector data in your ECM you must have tuning hardware, such as HP Tuners or EFI live. Zip Corvette can also provide a custom tune using a Diablo Sport InTune with custom programming though the Diablosport CMR software. If you have further question please call your Zip sales representative.

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