11-13 Z06/ZR1 AbsTunnel Plate Rear Bolt Kit
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Used when installing Zip's EX-869 Abs tunnel plates on a 2011 and later Z06 or ZR1 model Corvettes

GM changed the tunnel plate mounting configuration on 2011 through 2013 Z06/ZR1 Corvettes. The resulting change will not allow you to re-use your factory bolts in the four rear mounting points when installing the "thicker" Abs tunnel plate. Original bolts can be installed but when properly torqued will either pull out, or could possibly damage the factory threaded inserts. Zip does not recommend using the (4) rear factory bolts for 2011 and later tunnel plate installations.

Zip's tunnel plate bolt kit includes the (4) bolts and (4) washers which will allow for proper installation and torque without risking damage to your factory inserts. This kit is not required on base model C6 or Grand Sport Corvettes installations.

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Model Year 2011, 2012, 2013
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