C1 Corvette Restoration Supplies (1953-1962) : 1985

C1 Corvette Restoration Supplies (1953-1962)

Restoring your Corvette can either be very rewarding or frustrating, often defined by the skill, equipment and knowledge available to the enthusiast. To help our fellow restorers, Zip Corvette has assembled a selection of supplies to aid in the restoration of your C1 Corvette. The right tool for the job can either make your day go well or really bad.

Whether you need to remove the wiper arm bezels or a winged style speed nut on an emblem, Zip has the Corvette specialty tool you are looking for. In addition, Zip Corvette offers a complete selection of paints, adhesives, fiberglass repair materials, additives, hardware and decals to complete the restoration of your 1953-1962 Corvette.