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C2 Corvette Complete 1-Piece Front Ends (1963-1967)

Advantages of 1-piece front ends:

  • Precut headlamp
  • Ripple free finishes and seamless panels
  • Hand laminated fiberglass
As a cost savings option, Zip offers 1-piece front ends for "driver" cars. There is a disadvantage to this approach though, namely, the resale value of your Corvette is likely to be lower then had you installed press molded panels or an original Corvette Front End. While cost and labor for press molded or original pieces will be more expensive than with a 1-piece, it will still be less than the probable loss at the day of sale. For the highest quality Corvette front end with the greatest resale potential, Zip recommends installing press molded panels or a pre-assembled press molded front end.