Adam's Ceramic Paint Coating Kit
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Adam's Paint Coating offers an incredibly durable barrier designed to protect the surface of your vehicle from dirt and bonded contaminants while preserving the depth and luster of your paint! This new coating includes the latest advances in ceramic technology, is user-friendly, and safe on clear coats, single stage, and lacquer finishes. Applying Adam?s Paint Coating not only minimizes the chances of introducing swirl marks and scratches during washing but its hydrophobic nature will cause water to bead and repel off like crazy!

Adam's Paint Coating is a product that contains ceramics. It forms a semi-permanent bond with the painted surfaces of your vehicle, creating a very durable layer of protection that can last one to two years, while providing incredible shine. Products like our Americana Paste Wax, Buttery Wax, H2O Guard & Gloss, and Paint Sealant provide excellent protection and shine for your vehicle typically for 6 months or less. They are relatively forgiving when it comes to application or removal of the products, like using a strip wash or clay bar to start fresh, whereas with Adam?s Paint Coating, it must be removed by machine polishing due to it forming a much stronger bond with the painted surface.

Adam's Paint Coating is not a product for everyone. It's more expensive than our other wax and sealant products due to the cost of the chemicals and does require much more care and technique to apply and remove. This is a product for the perfectionist that wants to keep their vehicle finish looking as perfect as possible for the longest amount of time in between detailing sessions, that may not have time to do a full detail 3 or 4 times per year. For your daily driver, you will love how water seems to dance off the car after a rainstorm, making cleanup afterward a breeze. Or for your show car that has a soft clear coat that scratches easily, you will have a little more reassurance when washing the vehicle or wiping it down at a show.

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When he was nine, Adam Pitale started his own bike repair business. By the age of 12, he hired another boy from the neighborhood and during high school and college, his mobile detailing operation focused on limousine fleets. After college, The Coca-Cola corporation hired Adam and his company. Adam’s Premium Car Care was responsible for detailing the 3,400 vehicle fleet over a 24 month period. Using what they learned caring for these large fleets, Adam developed a product line and began selling at swap meets. Eventually, his business took off and they began selling to dealers across the country. Zip uses Adam’s Car Care Products because they work.

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