BG Synchro Shift II
Item Number: MG-210
BG Synchro Shift II
BG Synchro Shift II
  • BG Synchro Shift II
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  • BG Synchro Shift II gear lubricant is specially formulated for manual transmissions. It does not sacrifice any performance as does engine oil, ATF or conventional gear oil. Synchro Shift provides thermal stability, low-temperature fluidity, hot rattle suppression, noise dampening at operating temperature, outstanding extreme pressure characteristics, shear stability, smoother shifting characteristics, wear reduction (synchronizer, gears, bearings, shift fork) and seal compatibility. The end result is reduced maintenance costs and longer life for your transmission.

    BG Synchro Shift II is a GL-4 75W-80 synthetic gear lubricant recommended for use in C4, C5 and C6 manual transmissions. Sold in quarts, see transmission specifications for specific quantity required.

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    Review by Boss 302 Reviewed on 12/18/2018

    Recently purchased a used Mustang Boss 302 this summer and the MT-82 transmission was notchy and would grid a bit going into third until it got warm. This winter if the temperature was below 45, the transmission made noise going from 1 to 2 and was almost impossible to get into 3rd without serious grinding. When it warmed up, it was acceptable. I was told to try Synchro Shift II as a first step to alleviate the problems. The old fluid when it came out was still golden and appeared fine, no metal flakes were observed. Changed over to the Synchro Shift II What a incredible difference, no more grinding or noise at all even when cold. Shifter is much smoother and fluid when shifting when warmed up. Really could not believe the difference this fluid made but it did!

    fantastic products

    Review by CMYSIX Reviewed on 9/14/2018

    Saw this a long time ago and decided to try it, what could it hurt? right? You will not believe how QUITE your car WILL get! amazing! I have noticed no loss of fuel mileage ether, I like it so much I even put it my ANTI-VETTE a 2018 Nissan Versa manual trans, it shifts noticeably smoother then with the dino-oil, I highly recommend ALL BG products

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