Blockit DeadMat Noise & Vibration Damper (36 Sq Ft)
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Nothing creates fatigue & ruins a cruise in your Corvette faster then irritating interior noise! Blockit® Dead Mats were developed to eliminate unwanted vibration & noise in your Corvette that is commonly found coming through the bulkhead behind your seats. It's not your typical mass loaded vinyl. These light weight mats are a highly damped proprietary mineral filled viscoelastic polymer which provides outstanding sound & vibration reduction. At only .445 lbs per sq ft the performance to weight ration is amazing. The bottom line is The Blockit® Dead Mats are designed to simply not vibrate!

Blockit® Dead Mats dramatically reduce in structural vibration which also reduces structural radiated borne noise. Self adhesive backing makes for a simple cut and stick application. You can either completely cover an area, just a portion of an area or strategically place them with outstanding results.

30 square feet of Blockit® DeadMat allows you to add this great sound deadening material under the dash, over the floor board, below the seats, on the console sides, behind your door panels and in the rear storage areas. The list of places that you can reduce sound and vibration is almost endless. Just cut, peel and stick anywhere you desire.

This item is proudly Made in the USA

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Blockit is a unique layered combination of acoustical soundproofing with a durable UV protected vinyl top which allows you to continue using your cargo area. The kit includes a rear cargo mat and two separate pieces that install right behind each seat. Blockit noise deadener requires no cutting or moving of the Corvette's existing carpet, uses no adhesive, and can be removed and reused over and over. Patent Pending. Made in the USA.

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