August Best Sellers

Check out what other Corvette owners were buying last month - here's a look at some of our Best Sellers from August:

TRUFLEX Front Bumper Covers: TruFlex Corvette front bumper covers from Zip are constructed of fiberglass and a revolutionary new resin which makes them 70% more flexible than standard fiberglass bumpers. TruFlex also incorporates a black gelcoat that has the look and feel of urethane but also adds to the flexibility of fiberglass. Genuine TruFlex bumpers will not shrink, warp or ripple. A great addition to your 1973-1979 Corvette!

Novistretch Front Bumper Masks: Made with durable, quality stretch material, Novistretch Masks protect the painted surface of your C5 - C7 Corvette from common daily wear. The breathable synthetic mesh allows for the greatest of surface coverage without increases in operating temperature. Easy installation, compact and washable!

aFe Cold Ait Intake System: this all new Momentum sealed intake system for the 2014-2018 LT1 Corvette Stingray resulted in 18 horsepower and 22 ft/lbs torque while outflowing the factory intake system by 42%. Superior in every way, from the one-piece sealed housing, to the massive air filter, roto-molded tube w/ built-in resonance chamber and premium hardware.

Last month also saw the completion of Zip's long awaited C4 Corvette Catalog! We also updated our C5 and C6 catalogs as well. Request your free, full color Zip Corvette calendar here.

And finally, we ended the month with an annual trip to Corvettes at Carlisle. Check out our photo gallery here.

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