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What is the one item every Corvette owner needs to own? What is the one item that no Corvette should be without? Whether stored inside or out, you have to protect your Corvette’s paint job. Some of us spend countless hours washing and waxing and we want to make sure that perfect look lasts; what better way to protect your Corvette from the elements than with a new Corvette Car Cover from Zip! This article will help you select the correct Corvette Car Cover for your needs as we outline the differences between them all and include a handy comparison. If you are not quite sure which car cover is right for your Corvette then read on for more information.

Max-Tech Car Cover

Max-Tech Corvette Car Covers are perfect if you are looking for an inexpensive cover for your Corvette. They are not meant to fully protect your Corvette's paint from hazards nor will they keep your Corvette dry in the rain but they can offer the basics in car cover protection. All Max-Tech Car Covers are breathable so if your Corvette does get wet the water will be able to evaporate as opposed to staying trapped next to the paint. These covers are not meant to hug the contour of the body like a Stretch Satin Car Cover but they are designed specifically for Corvettes so the general body shape is noticeable.

Tan Flannel Car Cover

Tan Flannel Corvette Car Covers are excellent dust barriers for garage kept Corvettes. The outer layer is made of a Poly/Cotton material that is moisture and mildew resistant while the entire car cover is lined with soft flannel which will pamper even the finest paints. Flannel Car Covers come with grommets for a cable lock and include a storage bag as well. This car cover is not recommended for use in bad weather but would be a great barrier from prying eyes, fingerprints, surface scratches, dust and more.

Intro-Guard Car Cover

Intro-Guard Car Covers are lightweight, extremely protective, and friendly to your Corvette's paint. They are made from a Soft 150 Denier woven polyester fabric that is coated with aluminized polyurethane and acrylic. With an excellent design, these covers fold up small enough to fit in your Corvette's storage compartment when not in use. Each Intro-Guard Car Cover also comes with an embroidered front logo, mirror pockets, and storage bag.

Noah Car Cover

Kimberly-Clark's lightweight NOAH fabric is the most advanced car cover material on the market for the money. It is highly water resistant and UV treated for long life, and it is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use. The key to the Noah car cover is its brilliant four- layer design. The outer layer that is most exposed to the weather is considered the bicomponent strength layer. This layer is actually made up of two similar durable layers that will protect any Corvette from rain, pollution, snow, dust, dirt, bird droppings and tree sap. The center of the Noah Car Cover is made of a microporous/breathable material. Its job is to act as a barrier from the outer layers and single inner layer while allowing air to come in and escape. The inner layer that makes contact with the surface of your Corvette is a soft bicomponent spunbound layer. This layer is meant to absorb some of the impact from certain objects when contact to the car is made.

Stretch Satin Car Cover

CoverKing's Stretch Satin Corvette Car Cover is made to fit your Corvette like a glove. It is made with a mixture of satin and lycra yarns, which help the cover hug every contour of your Corvette. Its custom design, with stretch fit finish, and invisible seams make this car cover one of the most attractive looking covers on the market. With an inner lining that is a fleece-like, super soft fabric, your Corvette's paint will have one of the softest barriers available in today's market. Be sure to only store your Corvette indoors with this Stretch Satin Car Cover, as it will not protect your car from bad weather.

Stormshield Car Cover

One of the top names associated with quality car covers is Coverking. The years they've spent designing and testing new material has helped them produce some of the best looking, best performing car covers on the market. One of the more sought after Coverking Car Covers is the Stormproof Car Cover. Like all Coverking Car Covers the Stormproof is manufactured with the fewest amount of seams possible. This is to prevent weak spots, as the seams are the most likely areas to fail. Many companies will patch several small pieces together leaving you with way more seams and possible failures. As far as looking great, fitting great, and repelling water; it is second to none. You can see the cover comes in a two tone design, fits tightly around the bottom of your Corvette, and even includes mirror pockets. Its base micro-fiber material is very soft to touch and will not scratch the exterior paint. Every Stormproof Car Cover is completely uncoated and untreated so there will be no wearing or fading over time. With the excellent craftsmanship you really can't go wrong with one of Coverking's Stormproof Car Covers.

Weathershield Car Cover

Another all-purpose Corvette Car Cover is the Weathershield, made by CoverCraft. Though it does cost more it will protect your Corvette better than all others. The Weathershield is made of a durable woven polyester that is naturally moisture & UV resistant, and finished with Nextec's patented encapsulation technology. With this, the Weathershield Corvette Car Cover is able to shed water as soon as it hits the cover and will be completely dry just minutes after you take it off the car. All Weathershield Car Covers are two-toned with blue, silver, or red with black sides. Each one includes mirror pockets and is guaranteed to hug every curve on your Corvette's body. One neat feature of the Weathershield is the reflective welting used on the seams. Yes, this does make it cost more, but not only does the cover look good during the day, it also looks good at night and insures that someone will not hit your car while it is covered in the evening.

Corvette Car Cover Rating Chart

Here is our comparison chart of every Corvette Car Cover we carry at Zip Corvette in each category that we believe to be the most important. Each car cover has its own selling point and hopefully this chart will help you decide which points matter the most to you. Remember, none of the Corvette Car Covers we sell are bad products otherwise we would not sell them.

You really do get what you pay for when you buy a car cover. Be sure to purchase name brands that have been in the car cover industry for some time. Noah, CoverCraft, and CoverKing are all trusted names and are all made in the U.S.A. When possible, Zip always buys American made Corvette Parts and Accessories instead of looking to foreign manufacturers. You do not want to leave your Corvette's paint at risk; ask before you buy.

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