Improve your C7 with Sandyeggo Designs

We know you love your C7 Corvette and it's nearly perfect in every way. But there's always room for improvement and Sandyeggo Designs has created innovative, high quality accessories exclusively designed to help eliminate minor annoyances with your 2014-2019 Corvette:

C7 Corvette Bin Buddy Dash Storage - The hidden compartment behind the C7 Corvette radio or navigation system was an awesome design. Perfect for storing your iPhone, music storage device, or personal belongings that you don't want flying around your Corvette. Keep that storage space tidy with a shelf specially designed to fit perfectly into the storage space. The Bin Buddy storage tray features a 3-degree negative slant and incorporated lip to keep items in their place and from falling out once you open the storage area.

C7 Corvette Seat Belt Guide Stay - Factory seat belt guides feature an opening to allow the seat belt to be inserted into the guide. However, this same opening also allows the belt to slip in and out - sometimes when you don't want it to happen! The engineers at Sandy Eggo designs has created a simple solution that can solve this annoying problem. The C7 Corvette "Seatbelt Stay" slips over the top of the belt guide and closes the opening for the seat belt. This non-permanent design allows for you to remove the stay without damage to your factory seat belt guide.

C7 Corvette Door Dog Handle Conversion - For some, opening and closing the C7 Corvette door from the outside can be a bit of a challenge. It takes a little practice to understand what's going on with the button access. Some may just prefer the traditional feel of a handle when opening a car door. With its patent-pending design, the Door Dog makes opening the C7 door a breeze. Just pull back the handle!

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