More Horsepower with DiabloSport Programming

Are you a horsepower junkie? Zip has your fix.

Beautifully addictive and sometimes street legal, DiabloSport Tuning Systems allow you to communicate with the computer system in your Corvette. Whether you're a daily driver or hard core weekend racer, there's a system for your Corvette:

DiabloSport's inTune i3 Performance Programmer is an easy way to boost power without even popping the hood in your 1999-2017 Corvette! You get a performance upgrade that makes your throttle more responsive, optimizes drivability, and even adds some bottom-end horsepower! The inTune i3 programmer is pre-loaded with dyno-tested performance programs designed specifically for your Corvette. Within minutes, you could add horsepower and torque with no other tools required. NOTE: This programmer is available in two versions. One is not street legal and may only be used on racing Corvettes. The other is 50 state emissions compliant. Choose wisely!

The 1999-2017 Trinity T2 DiabloSport Monitor features a high resolution, 5 capacitive touch screen, full swipe functionality, industry-leading gauge designs, yet simple and easy to use interface. The all-new Trinity (T2) MX is the most advanced monitoring and data logger setup of its kind. Again, DiabloSport recognizes the need for 50-state legal products. The T2 was developed to include 50-State legal tuning covered by a CARB Executive Order number. Now there is no need to fear your SMOG testing center as you can pass those tests while tuned with Power You Can Feel from DiabloSport.

Zip is proud to offer DiabloSport’s flagship inTune programming system, in addition to their Trinity and Predator systems.

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