Corvette Replacement Seat Belts for 1984-1996 C4

1984-1996 Corvette Seat Belts 1984-1996 Corvette Seat Belts

Are you frustrated with your unsuccessful search for NOS seat belts for your C4 Corvette? Did you have to settle for lap-only belts? Check out these 1984-1996 Direct Fit Replacement Seat Belts from Zip Corvette and end the hunt for the C4 Corvette Parts that you need!

Zip's C4 replacement seat belts install into the factory mounting locations and include a retractor for both comfort and safety. Seat belts are sold in pairs and are available in most original colors, including black, gray, beige and multiple shades of red.

There's no need to "settle" for anything when it comes to your beloved Corvette! With more than 25,00 Corvette parts and accessories available, Zip has everything you need to keep your C4 looking and performing its best.

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