Special Pricing C2 Knock-Off Wheels

Great news for C2 Corvette Owners! Zip is offering special pricing this month on authentic Knock-Off and Bolt-On Replica Wheel Sets.

Closer to original than ever, these Knock-Offs will give your 1963-1967 Corvette true originality - without the cost associated with a set of used Kelsey Hayes originals. Also available in Direct-Bolt version.

With Direct-Bolt Knockoff Wheels you get original-style looks and ease of use and mind. The wheel and hardware design creates the look of an Original-Style Knockoff Wheel while allowing the wheel to bolt directly to your Corvette's hub. Once installed, Direct-Bolt Knockoff Wheels are virtually indistinguishable from Original-Style Knockoffs. You don't need a lead hammer for the spinner installation; it mounts directly to a specially designed and patented wheel adaptor. The spinners are the same as those used on our Original Style Knockoffs, as are the center caps and anti-theft pins.

Outfit your Corvette with these beauties this month and save big! Hurry Special pricing ends November 30.

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