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  • Corvette Ramps & Accessories by Race Ramps

    Corvette Race Ramps The easiest way to lift, show and/or transport your Corvette is by using Race Ramps from Zip Corvette. Race Ramps are practically indestructible while also being extremely lightweight. Because of their unique construction, they will not slide across a garage floor, dig into an asphalt driveway, or scratch or otherwise damage a cement or painted floor. They can be used on grass, sand or almost any other flat surface, and they will never rust. Most Corvette Race Ramp products come complete with straps for easy carrying and storage. Best of all, Race Ramp products are made specifically for Corvettes and other high performance cars with wide tires and low ground clearance. U ... Continue reading

  • 1958-1961 Corvette Windshield Washer Vacuum Tank

    1958-1961 Corvette Windshield Washer Vacuum Tank C1 Corvette Windshield Washer Vacuum Tank

    Zip Corvette's 1958-1961 Corvette windshield washer vacuum tank is an excellent reproduction of the original that will only add to your solid axle restoration. This vacuum tank comes with the correct valve installed and will meet NCRS judging standards. Tank is correct for all 1958-1960 Corvettes and 1961 early production Corvettes only.

    Don't settle for a tank that isn't exactly like the original; your Corvette's value will suffer.

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  • How do you remove the body from a 1977 Corvette?

    How do I remove the body from my 1977 C3 Corvette? I have all bolts removed but cannot get the body to move.

    Answer: With all the bolts removed from the body mount to frame positions (8 total for 68-82 Corvettes), as well as the steering column, shift cables, battery cables, fuel lines and ground straps disconnected, the body should be ready for removal. Often times the deterioration of metal shims and aluminum or rubber bushings (depending on year, 68-72 aluminum & 73-82 rubber) cause the body to seem “stuck” when trying to remove it from the frame. First, make sure the lifting process does not

    1963-1982 Body Lift Kit 1963-1982 Body Lift Kit

    damage your Corvette’s body. We suggest using a lifting system such as our Corvette body lift kit (ZM-293). This system lifts the body from a single point and hooks onto the rocker channels pulling straight up from a solid point that will not cause any damage to your Corvette’s fiberglass panels (for body lift kit installation instructions click here). Even with a body lifting system, your Corvette's body may still be “stuck” to the frame due to years of compression and corrosion. Next, as you apply pressure with the body lift system, gently pry with a large pry bar between the cushions and frame mount to break loose these connections. Make sure that when you remove the body you take notice of the various shims used at each mounting point. This will aid your reinstallation of the body, creating a fit just as the factory created when your Corvette body was originally installed.

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  • Corvette Stainless Emblem Rings & Inserts for 1997-2004 C5

    Another New Corvette part at Zip. This one for the C5 Corvette owner. These new American Car Craft stainless steel emblem rings and emblem inserts for C5 Corvettes are now available from Zip Corvette. They are manufactured from high quality 304 stainless steel and are guaranteed to never rust, tarnish or pit. C5 Corvette Emblem Rings Emblem rings and inserts are available for the waterfall area on C5 convertibles and both the front and rear Corvette emblems on the exterior of all C5's. These rings and inserts add that extra little touch to make your Corvette truly different from all the others. Continue reading → ... Continue reading

  • Corvette Raffle Winner!

    This event or promotion has expired.
    Please contact Zip Corvette for current pricing or upcoming events. 1-800-962-9632

    Congratulations from Zip Corvette and Mid Atlantic Fire & Safety to W.M. Rand of Jacksonville North Carolina for winning this year's 1982 Collector Edition Corvette.

    • 2nd place winner of $1,500.00: B. Williams of Houston, Texas
    • 3rd place winner of $500.00: Terry Igoe of Knoxville, Tennessee

    1982 Collector Edition Corvette Raffle

  • Corvette Gifts For The Holidays

    Corvette gifts make great Christmas presents for Corvette owners. Shop Zip Corvette's huge selection of popular Corvette Gifts and impress a Corvette enthusiast on your gift list. Here are some of the seasons most popular gifts for Corvette owners including die cast models, car covers, detail kits, apparel, coasters, duffel bags and more. Shop our popular items below or visit to view hundreds of the seasons most popular gift ideas for Corvette enthusiasts.

    Corvette Die Cast Corvette Die Cast

    Corvette Die Cast Models make excellent gifts for any Corvette owner or admirer. They are available in many different years, colors and sizes with most featuring functional hoods, doors and wheels. Do not forget to purchase a clear display case for your Die Cast Corvette as well.

    Corvette Car Covers Corvette Car Covers

    Simply stated, every Corvette owner should have a car cover. The exterior of these American made masterpieces are too valuable not to be covered when stored either indoors or out. Zip Corvette has the right car cover for safe storage no matter the conditions. Click here to view all Corvette Car Covers.

    Zip Detail Kit Zip Detail Kit

    Zip's Detail Kit is the perfect gift idea to help keep any Corvette looking great at home or on the show field. Kit includes: Adams detail spray, V.R.T. protectant, brilliant spray glaze, glass cleaner, all purpose cleaner, (3) detail sponges, (1) applicator pad, (2) microfiber drying towels, (1) jumbo microfiber drying towel, and Zip's very own embroidered detail bag.

    Corvette Jacket Corvette Jacket

    A Cutter & Buck Corvette Jacket is a must when it comes to showing your Corvette pride. Jacket includes breathable wind and water resistant fabric with mesh lining, vented cape back for ventilation, half-elastic cuffs, taffeta lined sleeves for layering ease, zippered front pockets and elastic hem.

    Corvette Racing Glass Coaster Set Corvette Coasters

    Corvette Racing Glass Coasters are the perfect gift for Corvette Racing fans. These stylish and functional tempered glass coasters look great from the bedroom to the patio and are sure to add Corvette excitement to your next gathering. Available in a set of four.

    Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt Women's CR Shirt

    This lightweight 100% cotton knit fabric is a perfect gift for the "Corvette Racing" women of the world. Distressed shirt features the Jake skull logo across the front with "Badboy Vettes" logo printed on the left sleeve.

    Corvette Duffel Bag Corvette Duffel Bag

    There's nothing better then a nice Corvette Duffel Bag to store your belongings while on the go. This great gift features spacious storage compartments, drop in audio pocket, large U-shaped opening, ventilated shoe pocket, mesh organizer, extra side pocket and padded shoulder strap.

    Stainless Corvette Tumbler Corvette Tumbler

    Corvette owners can keep their beverages hotter, colder, fresher, longer with this Corvette tumbler as their next Christmas gift. This tumbler is double-walled, vacuum-insulated, & has a snap-in spill-resistant lid with sliding lock. Tumbler disassembles for easy cleaning. Holds 16 oz.

    The holiday season is approaching fast. Most people will begin their Christmas shopping soon, so don't create a hassle for yourself by waiting until the last minute when items are sold out or on backorder. Instead, do yourself a favor and begin shopping early so you don't have to worry about purchasing items that aren't in stock. Choose from one of these five great Christmas gifts or head over to to view hundreds of Corvette Gifts.

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  • Corvette LS3 & LS7 Blackwing Cold Air Package For C6

    Another new Corvette part at Zip. This one is for the C6 owner.

    The newest Corvette Blackwing cold air package is now available from Zip Corvette Parts. The cold air intake is designed to increase and improve air flow, yielding more horsepower and a cleaner air intake system.

    Blackwing Cold Air Package Blackwing Cold Air Package

    The Blackwing air intake system from Zip Corvette out-flows the factory setup by as much as 90% and can provide up to +10 additional horsepower and +11 ft/lbs at the flywheel. The Blackwing uses a wire-reinforced, reusable and washable blue high-flow filter media which features an exclusive built-in flow indicator that changes color when cleaning is required. Also included in the package is a factory style finished high-volume air bridge with integrated MAF housing and secure mounting points. The new Blackwing cold air package installs on C6 Corvettes with no modifications or cutting required. All necessary hardware is included. The Blackwing filter cleaning kit is recommended with purchase for optimal cleaning and re-oiling as necessary.

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  • Corvette ZDDPlus Oil Additive for 1953-1972

    As part of an effort to reduce vehicle emissions, automotive manufacturers have pressured their oil suppliers to remove substances from motor oils that would shorten the service life of catalytic converters, including the proven EP (extreme pressure) additive ZDDP (zinc Dialkyl-Dithio-Phosphate). Zinc and phosphorus from the ZDDP can be present in small amounts in the exhaust gas of an engine depending on the amount of oil that is consumed in combustion. These elements can coat the catalyst reducing the amount of catalyst exposed to the exhaust gases, ultimately increasing emissions at the tailpipe. As a result of the EPA mandate, the ZDDP level in engine oils has been declining since the mid-1990s, roughly coinciding with the implementation of OBDII.

    ZDDPLUS Oil Additive ZDDPLUS Oil Additive

    ZDDP has been an important additive to engine oils for over 70 years, and has an excellent track record of protecting the sliding metal-to-metal cam lifter interface. Historically, ZDDP has been added to oils in amounts resulting in approximately 0.15% phosphorus, and 0.18% zinc. ZDDP protects by creating a film on cams and flat lifter contact points in response to the extreme pressure and heat at the contact point. The film of zinc and phosphorus compounds provides a sacrificial wear surface protecting the base metal of the cam and lifter from wear. In the course of normal service, this conversion of ZDDP to zinc and phosphorus compounds depletes the ZDDP level in the oil. Studies show that depending on the specific engine and severity of duty, after 2000-4000 miles of operation, the level of ZDDP can drop below that considered adequate to provide wear protection to the cam and lifters.

    According to the SAE Tech Bulletin # 770087 [1], operation of a flat tappet engine without adequate EP additives such as ZDDP quickly leads to lifter foot scuffing and cam lobe wear. Camshafts are typically only surface hardened leaving the core ductile for strength. According to the SAE Bulletin, once cam lobe wear reaches 0.0002, "subsequent wear is usually rapid and catastrophic." Two ten-thousandths of an inch is one-fifth the thickness of an average human hair.

    In order to make engines last in the absence of ZDDP, virtually all IC (internal combustion) engines designed in the last ten years utilize roller lifters. Today, ZDDP has been removed from practically all automotive engine oils, rendering them unsuitable for use with older engines with non-roller lifters.

    ZDDPlus is the ONLY EP (Extreme Pressure) component that re-establishes the ZDDP levels that our classic car engines were designed for, while allowing the car owner to use the base oil of their choice. It can be used on any flat tappet engine that does not use catalytic converters.

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