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  • Corvette Reproduction Lower Center Windshield Frame Assembly for 1968-1982 C3

    Another new Corvette Part at Zip. This one for C3 Corvettes.

    Windshield Frame Assembly

    For years "shark" era Corvette owners have struggled with rusting windshield frames. Though all areas are susceptible to rust what typically happens is water runs down the posts and gathers at the center assembly where it sits and corrodes the lower center windshield frame. If the Corvette sits for an extended amount of time, as many do, you better believe some rust or deteriorating damage to this area has taken place.

    Over the past few years some of these rust happy components such as the Windshield Frame Upper Header, Upper Corner Pieces, and Side Posts have become available through Zip Corvette. However, there still was no answer for the lower center assembly. After years of fabricating, modifying, and really just settling with mediocrity in many cases, Zip finally has the answer that will change the way you restore your rusted windshield frame.

    The new 1968-1982 Corvette Lower Center Windshield Frame Assemblies are correct reproductions and include the inner and outer steel welded together. They are available for 1968-1972 and 1973-1982 Corvettes.

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  • Corvette Laser Mesh Exterior Accessories for C5 & C6

    More new Corvette Parts at Zip. These are for the C5 & C6 owner. The best Corvette exterior accessories on the market are available from Zip Corvette. The laser mesh stainless steel inserts, manufactured by American Car Craft, are perfectly laser cut into a precise diamond mesh pattern. Once cut they are then hand tooled and specifically engineered to achieve the sparkle and glitter that every Corvette should possess. Continue reading → ... Continue reading

  • Shark Bite Suspension for 1963-1982 Corvettes

    More new Corvette Parts at Zip. These are for C2 and C3 Corvettes.

    Zip Corvette has 1963-1982 Corvette Performance Front & Rear Suspension Coil Overs & Control Arms. Zip's coil overs are single or double adjustable and would be perfect for a full time race car or a street car. These shocks will provide the best performance and ride quality available. Control arms are available in a natural or polished look. They will improve your Corvette's suspension geometry, which directly translates into improved handling and cornering ability.

    Corvette front coil over springs Front Coil Over Springs

    The 1963-1982 Corvette Shark Bite Coil Over Front Spring & Shock Packages allow for easy ride height changes without the need to disassemble the suspension, allowing you to adjust the individual corner loads for a better, more balanced handling Corvette. QA1 shocks are cutting edge race designs with velocity sensitive valving. Whether you have a full time race car or a street car, these shocks will provide the best performance and ride quality available. Single adjustable shocks are adjustable in rebound while double adjustable shocks allow for both rebound and compression adjustments individually (unlike many other adjustable shocks). All shocks have 4 inches of total ride height adjustment and are constructed out of aluminum and silver anodized for a lighter weight and better heat transfer. These Corvette shocks are completely rebuildable, making them lifetime components. The small block springs are 350 inch lbs., and the big block are 450 inch lbs.

    Corvette rear coil overs Corvette Rear Coil Overs

    The latest addition to the Shark Bite family of Corvette Suspension is Zip Corvette's rear coil over spring conversion kit for 1963-1979 Corvettes. This kit is not only trick looking but it will infuse even more performance into your Corvette. The 1963-1979 Corvette Shark Bite Rear Coil Over Suspension Kits will make your Corvette have a truly independent suspension that is not found with the monoleaf set up. A true bolt-on design, it does not require any permanent modification to the Corvette. This race inspired rocker arm suspension includes life-long aluminum shocks that are completely rebuildable. Different shock valving is available, including single-adjustable and independently double-adjustable. The kits offer adjustable ride height while on your Corvette and are a lighter weight than the stock rear suspension. Kits come complete with clear instructions and all of the mounting hardware necessary. Soft springs rates are equivalent to 200 in / lb springs, Medium springs rates are equivalent to 300 in / lb springs, Hard springs rates are equivalent to 400 in / lb springs.

    Corvette control arms 1963-1982 Corvette Control Arms - Polished
    Corvette control arms 1963-1982 Corvette Control Arms - Natural

    These aluminum control arms greatly improve your Corvette's suspension geometry, which directly translates into improved handling and cornering ability. This kit provides increased positive caster for greater stability and improved bumpsteer, while relocating the front roll center for superior handling. These 1963-1982 Corvette Shark Bite Aluminum Control Arms are also lighter than both stock and steel tubular control arms. Each side is 4 lbs less than the stock control arm, resulting in an 8 lb weight savings! Designed as a true bolt-on kit, these control arms do not require any modification to your C2 or C3 Corvette. Available in natural or polished aluminum finish with clear instructions, bushings, cross shafts and performance ball joints, which provide even better roll center geometry and more camber gain than stock ball joints. All 1963-1982 Corvette Shark Bite Front & Rear Suspension Kits are 100% MADE IN THE USA!

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  • “Z” = Good Things in Corvette!

    Corvette Parts

    Any enthusiast worth their crossed flags knows the Corvette has a long and storied connection with the letter “Z” – beginning, of course, with the godfather himself: Zora Arkus Duntov. Mere mention of the near-mystical name “Zora” conjures up thoughts of reverence and dogged determination, followed by a quick-on-the-heels nod to the milestone ‘63 and attendant “big tank” Z06 coupes. For sure today’s supercharged (and hyphen-less) ZR1 is certifiably awesome, but we would be remiss to not pay due homage to its namesake predecessor, the then-revolutionary, quad cams ZR-1 of C4 fame – a car that made the performance world bow its head in respect. And let us not forget the roots of the beast, the full-on ZR1 track option of 1970, a wolf in, well, wolf’s clothing! Or the truly outrageous ZL1 all-aluminum wonder … the ZR2 big-block … the return of the Z06 aura as a badged C5 … the to-the-limit C6 Z06. Or Zip Corvette.

    Born in 1977 out of a home garage endeavor, Zip Corvette Products has evolved into one of the industry’s leading purveyors of parts, performance and Corvette passion. For the classics, Zip is in constant pursuit of the newest-available, most-correct, and best quality parts to be had. See for yourself – the latest editions of our Restoration catalogs contain hundreds of new listings! And if Track Day is your favorite day, Zip is on course with “C”-era rotor, caliper and pad upgrades, sway bars, Zip-spec bump steer and lowering kits, springs, poly bushings, severe duty differentials and more. Plus air-in/air-out bolt-ons like induction kits, superchargers, headers and cat-back exhaust. Quite literally, if it’s stamped, cast, forged, milled, molded, bent or stitched, Zip Corvette has it! Call toll-free 1-800-962-9632 for free catalogs, or shop secure on-line at Orders placed by 3:00 p.m. EST ship that same day on in-stock items – which means customers on the east coast often enjoy delivery within a couple days at no additional cost, and parts heading west or further get a welcome jump on their journey. Best of all, everything is backed by Zip’s unmatched customer service and “No Hassle” and Low Price guarantees to ensure your complete satisfaction. What can we ship your way today?