2018 Best Selling Corvette Parts

Before the memories of 2018 get replaced with the new experiences of 2019, let's look back at some of our best selling Corvette Parts from last year!

You just might find the inspiration you've been needing for a mid-winter resto project or a quick performance upgrade:

1953-1974 Corvette Electronic Tachometer Conversion Kit - Perfect for the Corvette hot rod! An electronic conversion kit that can be utilized with your factory Corvette tachometer face. Whether you are installing a high energy electronic ignition distributor or a complete LS engine conversion - you can now run your factory tachometer without having a drive cable. The new electronic conversion kit is a simple 3-wire installation. Instructions and hardware are included.

1987L-1996 Corvette Seat Track (Remanufactured) - If your C4 Corvette's seat motor runs but doesn't move the seat, the track gears are probably stripped. An alternative to buying a new GM unit is having your old track or seat transmission rebuilt to its original working condition. All seat tracks are disassembled, new transmission gears and bushings are added and the newly assembled seat track is lubricated - ready for installation!

2014-2019 Corvette Removable Front License Plate Mount - this is the C7 Corvette license plate mount you have been looking for - completely engineered to provide a sturdy front license while giving you the opportunity to quickly remove the plate at your favorite car show. No tools or modification necessary.

Other mainstays such as Car Covers and Race Ramps always make the list of top sellers, no matter the year!

2019 is going to be a great year! We look forward to helping you keep your Corvette at it's very best.

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