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  • New Year Resolutions for your Corvette

    This year, make some resolutions that you can enjoy - and actually stick to!

    Resolve to make 2018 the best year yet for your Corvette. That might be as simple as an interior makeover or as complex as a performance upgrade. No matter the resolution, Zip has the Corvette Parts you need to reach those goals!

    It's amazing how a new carpet set can breathe new life into your Corvette's interior. Other simple upgrades such as adding a touch of stainless under the hood or a new set of sill protectors go a long way in getting your Corvette in top shape. And don't forget a new Green Air Filter to keep your Corvette healthy from the inside out.

    Setting more lofty goals? Consider performance enhancers such as new Corvette shocks or Wilwood brakes. Give your Corvette more growl this year with a new Borla Exhaust System or a new Pertronix Flame Thrower Ignition Coil.

    The possibilities are endless - and they don't require you to give up any of your favorite foods!

    So what's stopping you? Resolve today to make 2018 a memorable one with your Corvette!

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  • New Flame Thrower Ignitions Legal in all 50 States

    Brand new arrivals to Zip's warehouse include 1956-1974 Corvette Flame Thrower Ignition Coils that are perfectly legal in all 50 states! Built by Pertronix Performance, the Flame Thrower is the perfect coil to go with an Ignitor breakerless ignition. Gain even more performance with 40,000 volts that will allow for larger spark plug gaps, smoother response and added fuel economy. Epoxy filled provides superior winding support for high vibration environments. Continue reading → ... Continue reading

  • How to Convert your 1957-1974 Corvette to Electronic Ignition

    How many times over the years have you thought about converting your 1957-1974 Corvette to a solid state electronic ignition? Probably more than once. How many times have the challenges that would come with such an undertaking keep you from rolling up your sleeves and diving in?

    Having to use a non-stock distributor...tackling wiring so complicated that it takes an electrical engineering degree to figure out...mounting black boxes on your engine compartment...just to name a few of the challenges.  Needless to say, this is one of those DIY projects  that most Corvette owners have no interest in doing themselves.

    Until now.

    Zip Corvette has the solution you've been waiting for. The solution that leaves no more excuses for putting this project off. It's a complete solid state electronic ignition system – The Ignitor – that uses your original stock Corvette distributor. Manufactured by PerTronix, it has no complicated wiring or any black boxes. As a matter of fact, the whole system fits completely under your Corvette’s original distributor cap, allowing you to maintain your Corvette’s factory ignition shielding. Too good to be true? Nope. In fact, it gets even better.

    This system will install in about one hour and costs less than $100. Since the unit is one piece, you do not have to drill any holes or cut any wires. Best of all, you will not have to buy anything else. According to PerTronix, The Ignitor has an effective rpm range from 0 to 6000 rpm with a standard coil. If you need to go from 0 to 15000 rpm, all you need to do is change to a stock heavy duty coil. Another nice thing about this system is that you do not have to change the timing or your stock plug gap.

    We installed The Ignitor on our 1973 L48 350 Corvette. It took less than an hour and worked flawlessly.  Installation can be performed with the distributor in the Corvette or on the bench. We decided to install on the bench which would allow for better photography and a check on our Corvette’s distributor end play.

    Follow the installation step-by-step with our technical article "1957 - 1974 Corvette Distributor Electronic Ignition Conversion". You'll find detailed instructions and photos and the confidence you need to tackle this project on your own!

    If you want the convenience of a solid state electronic ignition system while still being able to use your original stock distributor, this is your answer. For more great technical articles covering all Corvette generations, visit corvettemagazine.com, your online source for Corvette know-how!


  • Corvette Electronic Ignition Upgrades for 1957-1974 C1, C2 & C3

    Enjoy the benefits of high energy ignition while keeping your Corvette's underhood "all-original"! All Ignitor Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit components fit inside the distributor cap for a truly stealth install.The Ignitor Conversion Kit replaces your stock points and condenser with a solid state electronic module, using a stock or high output points type coil. You'll enjoy quick starts, better fuel economy, longer plug life and more horsepower.

    The Ignitor II Conversion Kit senses current levels in the coil and adjusts the dwell to maintain peak energy throughout the entire RPM range. Dwell time is increased or decreased with changing engine RPM and operating conditions. This provides more energy at high RPM, reducing misfires while improving engine performance.

    The Ignitor III Electronic Ignition delivers "box ignition" performance - without the box! This kit delivers 5 times more spark energy than points, plus a user-set rev limiter.

    All kits are compatible with stock coil. For more juice, add a Corvette Flame Thrower Ignition Coil and matching spark plug wires. The epoxy filled coil generates 40,000 volts of pure power and the silicone-jacketed wire sets feature rubber inner insulation for superior heat resistance. No cutting, splicing or scrimping needed with these wires.

    What are you waiting for? Set your C1, C2 or C3 Corvette ignition on fire!


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  • Corvette Performance Spark Plug Wires for 1997-2011 C5 & C6

    Are you tired of burnt spark plug wires due to your Corvette's Headers? These Hi-Performance C5 & C6 Corvette Spark Plug Wires are built to Zip Corvette's standards, which means they are built specifically for Corvettes and with the required heat protection for long tube headers.

    Zip's Corvette spark plug wire sets begin with a heat shielded Magnacor wire. Magnecor's exclusive 2.5mm high capacity Metallic Inductance EMI Suppressed conductor consists of a stainless steel wire precisely wound at 200 turns per inch over a ferromagnetic core. The insulating jacket is made entirely of Magnecor's exclusive TC-1500-HS high strength aerospace grade silicone rubber, and its single layer construction will prolong the jacket's insulating ability by conducting extreme heat away from hot-spots that occur near over-the-limit heat sources.

    The protection provided from the heat shield guarantees that this will be the last set of spark plug wires you will ever have to replace from header burn. The KV85 8.5mm jacket has a service heat resistance of 600 degrees F (320 degrees C) and up to 1,000 degrees F (540 degrees C) for a short burst of 3 minutes. The R-100 10mm jacket has a service heat resistance of 700 degrees F (380 degrees C) and up to 1,200 degrees F (650 degrees C) for a short burst of 3 minutes. Even if limits are exceeded, the silicone rubber will retain its insulating ability until wires are removed from engine.

    Magnecor wires are primarily designed and constructed to be used in applications where it is essential to prevent the possibility of ignition wires compromising engine performance. Modern race engines, modified street engines and stock street engines which rely on electronic devices to control the function of either or both the Corvette ignition and fuel systems are prone to interference from all other spiral conductor ignition wires sold through performance parts outlets, none of which can provide proper suppression for EMI, particularly if a high-output ignition system is used.

    Zip Corvette always recommends use of these performance spark plug wires on any stock or modified late model Corvette engine that is electronically managed however most other modified or street engines can also use our performance spark plug wires to improve ignition performance. Fits all 1997-2011 Corvettes with or without headers.

    Both the red and blue sets of these Shielded Corvette Spark Plug Wires fit all C5 and C6 Corvettes. These wires are also a great ignition upgrade for your 2009-2011 C6 ZR1 Corvette.

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  • Corvette 1x4 Distributor Rotor for 1957-1974

    Corvette Distributor Rotor Corvette Distributor Rotor

    On occasion, your Corvette might misfire, crossfire or experience a poor start-up. These effects are often assumed to be a result of an ignition grounding problem, a bad set of spark plug wires or spark plugs. Though any of the mentioned Corvette Parts could be bad, one major reason a Corvette experiences the above side effects is a direct result of installing a generic or current GM distributor rotor with a short copper tip. The gap left when installing a distributor rotor with a short tip can very quickly lead to poor start ups and weak spark conditions.

    Our 1957-1974 Corvette 1x4 Distributor Rotor are designed to replace the generic rotors often found in point style Corvette Distributors. The biggest performance difference in the generic or current GM rotor and the new reproduction rotor is the length of the small copper tip. The length increase will help eliminate poor starts, fouled spark plugs, or weakened coils that are often associated with 1957-1974 Corvettes.

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  • Corvette Spark Plug Wire Set for 1997-2004 C5

    C5 Corvette Spark Plug Wires C5 Corvette Spark Plug Wires

    If you have noticed your C5 Corvette has lost a step it may be time to install a new set of C5 Corvette Spark Plug Wires. We offer a few different styles including AC Delco spark plug wires, MSD spark plug wires, our very own hi-performance shielded spark plug wires, and our high quality Delphi spark plug wires. You cannot go wrong with any of these choices but we would like to talk about the benefits of installing a new set of Delphi wires on your C5 Corvette.

    The Delphi wires are designed to install directly on any 1997-2004 C5 (LS1) or C5 Z06 (LS6) Corvette. These factory style wires are the best reproduction wires available when it comes to authentic OEM looks, fit and performance. All C5 Corvette Delphi Spark Plug Wire Sets include factory style aluminum heat shields and springs.

    If you are asking, "What are the best spark plug wires for my Corvette?" then you just need to know the difference of each style/brand...

    Our Delphi Spark Plug Wires are highly recommended to those who would like to keep their Corvette as close to stock as possible. They will look and perform just as the spark plug wires did when the car left the factory. Our AC Delco Spark Plug Wires would be used for the same reason but do not include the aluminum heat shields. The trusted name of AC Delco is often enough for many Corvette enthusiasts to choose their brand. Another option would be to install a set of performance oriented MSD or our Hi-Performance shielded spark plug wires. MSD Spark Plug Wires are available in multiple colors and include several enhancements that a stock spark plug wire would not. These enhancements are designed to provide low resistance without allowing electronic interference. Our very own Shielded Spark Plug Wires are perfect for C5 Corvettes that have aftermarket headers installed. The added protection from the additional heat generated from Kooks Headers or another popular exhaust brand, plus the performance gains they provide make our hi-performance spark plug wires the way to go if heat protection and more performance is what you are looking to gain out of a new set of wires.

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  • Corvette Spark Plug Wires for 1957-1974

    You may have read our post about Corvette Factory Spark Plug Wires for 1975-1982 Corvettes, well we also have factory style spark plug wires for 1957-1974 Corvettes available as well.

    Corvette Spark Plug Wires Corvette Spark Plug Wires

    Our original equipment spark plug wires come from Packard Industries, who was the original manufacturer of factory spark plug wires used on 1957-1982 Corvettes. Packard Industries uses the original tooling to produce these spark plug wires and each set includes the correct Packard Delcore II wire, which uses a special Kevlar silicone wrapped construction to prevent breaks and cracks in the conductor. The boots of the 1957-1974 Corvette Spark Plug Wires are made of the correct material, to the original thickness, and include stainless steel terminals. These are not generic sets of spark plug wires; each set includes correct length wires for an easy, clean factory installation and is 100% Made in USA. There is no higher quality spark plug wire available for 1957-1982 Corvettes. Not only are they the best on the market but they can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a new spark plug wire set from GM.

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