Driven BR-30 Break In 5W30 Oil
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The same high zinc and phosphorus formula as Driven's original break-in oil, now in an SAE 5W-30 viscosity for tight clearance and/or low-temperature break-in. Driven BR-30 Break In 5W-30 Oil can be used for restrictor plate engines, drag race engines, and OEM rebuilds. It's specifically designed for breaking in engines and flat tappet camshafts and lifters and is good for full power pulls on the dyno, one night of racing, or up to 400 miles on the street. Requires no additional additives.

Product Features:

  • Petroleum oil provides the highest levels of zinc and phosphorus for flat-tappet engines.
  • Additive package promotes ring seal and provides maximum protection available for cams and lifters during initial break-in.
  • Good for tight clearance and/or low temperature break-in.
  • Compatible with methanol and high-octane race fuels.

Combined with Joe Gibbs Driven Engine Assembly Grease (Zip# MG-274), BR30 provides the highest levels of protection for camshafts, lifters, wrist pins, distributor gears, push rods and valve retainers.

This item is proudly Made in the USA

Driven Racing Oils

Driven Racing Oil, born from Joe Gibbs Racing, is formulated specifically for all-out race and high-performance engines. What makes our products different? In simple terms, our products are unique because we always put the “Motor ahead of the Molecule”. While other oil companies are in love with chemistry and have no real-world understanding of how the products are actually used, Driven keeps things in the proper order. The oil is for the motor, not the other way around. Our product development team looks at the motor and how it is used; then we design application specific products using a “zero compromise” approach that delivers a measurable performance advantage.

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