1977 Chevrolet Corvette Parts and Accessories

1977 Corvette Parts

If you were one of the 41,231 people who ordered an automatic transmission on your 1977 Corvette, then you also had the option, for the first time, and for only $88, to add cruise control to your car. Almost 30,000 cars came so equipped, and with premium leather seats standard equipment in 1977, the Corvette was a fantastic gran touring car for the American market.

Powertrain options were the same for ‘77, but the manufacturer changed to blue engine paint in the middle of the model year. As such, early production cars have orange engine paint, while later cars have blue paint. The ‘77 car also included power brakes and steering as standard equipment.

Power windows and air conditioning were ordered on most cars, and although the base price was $8,647.65, by the time most people added their convenience options, the car sold for over $10,00. 49,213 cars were produced, and in todays market, the average ‘77 Corvette sells for around $10,000.

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