Rebuild Services from Zip Corvette 

Zip can rebuild many of your original Corvette Parts! From differentials to dash components, Zip's rebuild service can keep your Corvette original and save you money! Call us today to get started: 1-800-962-9632

There's no need for you to have to compromise with a generic replacement part - let Zip rebuild and restore the original!

We know that details matter. That's why every bolt kit, every hose and every piece of hardware that we use in our rebuild service is correct - all the way down to the stripes on the hose kits. Maintaining the original beauty and function of your Corvette means not compromising on even the smallest of details.

Some of our most popular rebuild services include:

Differential Rebuild Service

Built in-house by Zip's own skilled technicians, each differential core is inspected, cleaned and reassembled using all-new parts including bearings and races, positraction clutch packs and pinion/side yoke seals. The original ring and pinion is reinstalled and tested with professional set-up tools to eliminate rear end noise.

All rebuilt differentials are backed by Zip's satisfaction guarantee and include a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Dash Components & Interior Rebuilds

From instrument clusters to radios, Zip can help you restore your dash to factory condition. All dash units are disassembled and inspected by Zip's technicians. Circuit boards and power supply boards are tested and rebuilt to factory specifications. Radios can be restored to look and work as new. Give your interior a major facelift without sacrificing its OEM charm.

Headlight Motor Rebuild

C4 Corvette headlight motors are commonly plagued with stripped gears or electrical issues caused by shorts in the electrical system. Zip's rebuild service includes new OE style drive gears and a complete electrical overhaul. Original headlight motors are completely disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt to factory specifications.

ECM/PCM Remanufacture Services

ECM/PCM's are professionally remanufactured by Delphi Corporation which was the OE supplier for the Corvette. All Corvette ECM units are built by factory trained technicians using factory testing equipment to ensure you receive an engine computer that is identical to the original unit that came with your Corvette.

Body Service

Zip's 84-96 Acrylic Roof Panel Restoration Service is the perfect alternative to the cost of a new replacement for cracked, scratched or broken C4 roof panels. Original frames are inspected, cleaned and painted. NEW super abrasion resistant (SAR) hard coated acrylic panel, side glass weatherstrips, weatherstrip channels and OEM steel edge trim is installed. Our remanufactured roof panel will look just as good as the original!

Engine and Performance Rebuild Services

Zip offers several rebuild services that will keep your Corvette running like new. We rebuild distributors, carburetors, throttle bodies and serpentine belt tensioners. We also offer a fuel injector cleaning service which allows Zip to clean and flow your Corvette's original or aftermarket fuel injectors in-house.

Heater & Air Condition Rebuild Services

Zip's 86-96 Heat/AC Control Panel & Programmer Module Rebuild Service and the 97-04 Heater/AC Control Panel Rebuild Service restore your factory electronic climate control unit and programmer to its original working condition. Circuit boards are tested and rebuilt to factory specifications.

Steering Rebuild Services

Proper maintenance of steering gear boxes is often overlooked. The result is years worth of inadequate lubrication causing rough spots or tightness throughout the turning ratio. Remanufactured 1963 - 1982 Corvette steering boxes are completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Assembly includes all new bearings, races, seals and proper adjustment for rolling torque. Zip can also rebuild your 1984-1996 Corvette steering rack!

Suspension & Driveline Rebuild Services

In addition to our popular differential rebuild service, Zip can return your C2-C3 Corvette's rear suspension to its original condition without having to purchase an expensive set of one-time use tools or gain the knowledge needed to set-up your Corvette rear wheel bearings. Zip's rebuilt trailing arms will eliminate the hassle! Zip's in-house rebuilding service includes a complete disassembly and inspection of all components. This is where you gain confidence with Zip - because we won't rebuild a trailing arm or wheel bearing assembly that doesn't meet factory specifications. We also offer actuator rebuild and king pen replacement services.

Call Zip's experienced sales team to start your rebuild! We can help you restore your Corvette to its original glory!

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