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C2 Corvette Exhaust Parts (1963-1967)

Original 1963-1967 Corvette exhaust systems were made of carbon steel components which quickly suffered from deterioration due to condensation from Corvettes that were driven and then allowed to sit for long periods. New reproduction exhaust pipes and mufflers are manufactured from aluminized materials, providing original looks, fit and sound but with longer lasting protection from corrosive elements. C2 Corvette exhaust systems are available in both individual components and complete exhaust systems for factory under-car exhausts, off-road or welded exhausts and the optional side exhaust found on 1965-1967 Corvettes. Zip’s line of Corvette parts includes correct hangers, clamps, side exhaust covers and trim, both reproduction and replacement exhaust manifolds and a complete selection of hardware for mounting the mid-year exhaust system. Count on Zip Corvette for the right parts to maintain and restore your vintage Corvette.

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