Heater & Air Condition

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1968-1982 Corvettes are noted for high interior heat levels often caused by poorly working heating, fresh air and air condition systems. Interior heat can be the result of deteriorated interior ductwork seals, inoperable vacuum actuators or blend doors and inefficient air condition components. Zip Corvette has everything needed to repair, replace or restore your C3 Corvette’s heating & air condition systems. New heater box and ductwork seal kits will allow you to restore your Corvette’s factory boxes to new condition.

Zip\'s line of Corvette parts also includes control panels, cables, switches, vacuum actuators, heater cores, interior duct work and outlets to not only make your Corvette’s heater work right, but also look new. If your Corvette was equipped with factory air condition, you can count on Zip Corvette for correct style compressors, hose kits, liquid lines as well as condensers, evaporators and drier assemblies to restore your C3 Corvette’s factory air. And if you’re tired of cruising on those hot days without air condition, Zip Corvette has available Vintage Air’s Gen IV complete Air Condition Systems for 1968-1982 Corvettes. You no longer have to cruise without comfort. Count on Zip for all your Corvette parts and restoration needs.

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