We Install Corvette Parts

You've known Zip is the place for Corvette Parts & Corvette Accessories for 1953 to the latest Corvette, but now your purchase is even easier. In 2004, we opened our performance and installation facility. We now offer Zip customers a professional installation on thousand's of items, backed by our no hassle customer satisfaction guarantee and over 40 years of Corvette experience.

Whether you need a trailing arm rebuild for your '66 Corvette or want to gain a few extra horsepower from your Z06, you can count on Zip. We utilize only the best equipment for working on your Corvette. Tires up to 24" in diameter can be safely mounted without causing any damage to the wheel or tire and our precision balancing machine ensures a smooth ride while preventing problems down the road.

Many of our Corvette parts are built in-house by experienced technicians. We build all of our own differentials for all generations of Corvettes, as well as trailing arm assemblies and many more parts.Our performance differentials are in SCCA Corvette race cars, as well as many satisfied customer's cars on the street. Use Zip Products install shop with confidence! Stop by and see a sales person or contact us for an appointment.

We install parts and accessories

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