Electrical System

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Is your 1963-1967 Corvette’s electrical system best described as a tangled mess of broken, cracked, brittle, spliced, corroded and burnt wires? How about the switches and relays? Is everything working just the way Chevrolet intended? Most Corvette owners have no idea that electrical parts in their Corvette have an expected service life of 10 years. And beyond that period, your C2 Corvette’s wiring is more of a fire hazard than a means of convenience.

Zip Corvette has the right electrical components to repair and restore your mid-year Corvette. Reproduction wiring harnesses, battery cables and ground straps will make sure electrical currents are arriving and ending in their proper location. Zip’s line of C2 Corvette parts also includes correct ignition, courtesy light, headlight, heater and turn signal switches, battery cables and trays, horns and relays, capacitors, voltage regulators, temperature senders and original style tie straps and mounting clips for a complete installation. Zip is even known for their all-in-one Wiring Harness Packages! Count on Zip for all your Corvette parts and accessories needs.

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