Zip's Quick Fixes

Not every issue that arises with your Corvette merits a trip to the shop, or requires a full replacement of the part that is acting up. In fact, there are lots of minor repairs that can be done in just a few hours in your own garage.

With only a well-stocked toolbox, the DIY Corvette enthusiast can tackle these minor issues quickly - and avoid major, costly headaches down the road.

Zip stocks a full inventory of cost effective "Quick Fix" Corvette Parts that can help extend the lifespan of your Corvette's larger systems. From door latch repair kits to battery disconnect switches, we have the fix you need for small repairs and maintenance to keep your Corvette running smoothly. Check out the Quick Fix Corvette generation categories below for yours today!

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Proper maintenance and repair of your Corvette is the best way to enjoy your ride to its fullest. But not every issue that arises with your Corvette needs to be addressed in the shop by a technician. In fact, there are lots of "quick fixes" that you can do on your own - saving you time and money. We've compiled a how-to list of the most common quick fixes for every Corvette generation and placed them all in one central location for your convenience. All you need are some basic hand tools and a few minutes to spare!

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