1956 Corvette Parts

1956 Corvette Parts

The 1956 Corvette Convertible came flying out of the gate with a stunning new design and the horsepower to match. With a three-speed manual transmission mated to a 265ci V-8 making 210hp, the ’56 Corvette’s army of 3,467 cars attacked American roads with gusto.

At a base price of $3,120, the 1956 Corvette was, for the first time, equipped with actual side windows and an optional hardtop, ready for all-weather driving. A redesigned heater brought fresh air into the cockpit and worked to keep the occupants warm in the cold.

Accompanying the body redesign were several new color options, including two-tone color schemes. The most popular color combination in 1956 was a red exterior with a red interior and wheel accents. Eye catching on the street, you’d be able to spot the 56 car from a long way off, until it sped out of your view.

Most 1956 cars were equipped with two four-barrel carburetors, while the absolute base (single carb) and Special High-Lift Camshaft options were produced in lower numbers.

The 1956 Corvette has retained its value well over the years. Originally selling for the median income of most Americans, the 1956 Corvette sells for an average of about $46,000 in today’s market.

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