1957 Corvette Parts

1957 Corvette Parts

The 1957 Corvette was the first Corvette available with Fuel Injection technology. Additionally, the ’57 Fuelie was the first mass-produced car to produce one horsepower per cubic inch of engine displacement. Paired with the first-ever four-speed manual transmission and racing suspension, the ’57 Corvette was a “roaring brute when pushed hard” and an “absolute jewel…around town” (Road and Track, 1957).

Chevrolet sold 6,339 Corvettes in 1957. GM set the Corvette’s base price at $3,176, but a list of performance options was available, and many Corvette buyers tricked their cars out with Whitewall Tires, PosiTraction, and the Auxiliary Hardtop. In 1957, you could order a Corvette in Inca Silver, but only 65 orders were placed for this color.

1957 saw the continued availability of dealer and owner seatbelts, but passenger safety restraints were still not installed at the factory.

As a milestone Corvette, the ’57 Fuelie is highly desirable, and in flawless condition, sells for around $170,000.

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