1963 Corvette Parts

1963 Corvette Parts

Commonly referred to as the “Split-Window”, the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray is one of the most desired Corvettes ever. A product of Larry Shinoda’s design genius, the ’63 Sting Ray retained the same basic rear section as the 1962 Corvette, but the overall dimensions were decreased throughout the entire car. Additionally, the 1963 Corvette was the first to be offered as both a coupe and a convertible, and while the Coupe sold well, the convertible was the best seller for the year. Chevy sold 10,919 convertibles in 1963, and they sold 10,594 coupes.

The ladder-type frame and “birdcage” style body reinforcement added incredible rigidity to the new Corvette, without massive increases in weight. The 1963 Corvette shucked the solid rear axle in favor of a new, independent rear suspension system.

1963 also saw the introduction of the Z06 performance package, which, in early versions, was a package designed to include everything a Corvette owner would need to race his shiny new Sting Ray. 199 L84 Sting Rays were equipped with the Z06 Package.

Four engines were available in ’63, and the same three transmissions continued to be available. The highest output came in the form of the Fuel Injected L84, and it produced 360hp. The base Corvette Coupe retailed for $4,252, and the Convertible sold for $4,037. Today, 1963 Corvettes start at an average of $44,000, but the rarest Z06’s can bring nearly $380,000.

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