1964 Corvette Parts

1964 Corvette Parts

The 1964 Corvette was a tremendous follow-up to the successes of the first Sting Ray. GM responded to complaints and removed the divider in the rear window to increase rearward visibility. GM designers also removed the hood vent panels on the ’64 car, leaving a unique shape to the hood.

1964 saw performance increases to the L76 and L84 engine options. In fact, the L76 engine, which generated 365 horsepower, was the first Corvette engine to utilize the Holley Carburetor design. The L84 fuelie saw a 15 horse increase over the previous year, resulting in total output of 375 hp.

Chevrolet saw continued success in sales of the ’64 Corvette, as they moved 22,229 cars through the factory and into the hands of smiling owners. The convertible was the strong seller that year, with 13,925 cars sold. The coupe sold 8,304 cars.

Chevrolet retained the same pricing as the ’63 car for the 1964 model year. The Coupe retailed for $4,252, and the Convertible retailed for $4,037. In today’s market, the average 1964 Corvette, in the base configuration, sells for around $40,000, but models with higher output are easily worth over $80,000.

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