1967 Corvette Parts

1967 Corvette Parts

If I were to say that twenty is the most important number to the 1967 Corvette, what would your first thought be? Perhaps the size of the gas tank? Well, yes, the standard fuel capacity on a mid-year Corvette is 20 gallons, but over 100,000 cars came equipped with this fuel tank. Actually, the number twenty relates to how many customers chose to order the L88 engine in their 1967 Corvette. At the time, Chevy advertised this engine as producing 430 hp, but actual output was probably closer to 500 hp.

To accommodate for the big-block engines, the hood on the last mid-year car was redesigned to incorporate a scoop. This scoop was merely for decoration on all except the 20 L88 cars. The GM design team decided that 1967 was the year to streamline the Corvette. Exterior accoutrements were removed, and due to Federal regulations, so were knock-off wheels. In their place, GM installed aluminum rally wheels. Because of their composition, these wheels saved weight, and their design allowed for more airflow to the brakes, thereby providing better cooling.

Remember those 20 L88 cars that I mentioned? Between being the last of the mid-year Sting Ray, and the fact only 20 out of the 22,940 cars sold were equipped with this package, it’s not at all surprisingly that a ‘67 L88 is a very valuable car. In today’s market, a ‘67 L88 is worth over 2 million dollars. A lower horsepower ‘67 is still worth anywhere between $50,000 and $300,000.

As the last of the mid-years, there’s no doubt that the ‘67 Corvette is a special car. Easily spotted by its flat hood, absence of decals, and rally wheels, 1967 Corvettes are a treasure to see at shows or on the street.

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