2008 Corvette Parts

2008 Corvette Parts

“The [2008] Vette is one of those sports cars that you wouldn't hesitate to drive daily” (Car and Driver, September 2007). The new LS3 engine was standard on coupe and convertible, and produced 430 hp. An additional 6 horsepower were generated when the LS3 was paired with RPO NPP Dual Mode Exhaust System. This exhaust system helped the Corvette breathe freer by using a vacuum system to operate additional outlet valves.

The modified shift linkage on the manual transmission offered more positive gear selection and shorter throws. In conjunction with the revised tuning on the steering system, the Corvette became a more tractable car in the corners, and more pleasant as an everyday car.

The Corvette options list grew longer in 2008, but features like XM radio, OnStar, and an auxiliary input became standard features on all cars. Black was far and away the most popular color in 2008, and was painted on more Z06 cars than any of the other available colors.

This, the 55th year of Corvette production, proved to be the last year of high-volume production. It’s total of 35,310 cars built would be halved in 2009 due to a worldwide economic downturn, and would continue to stay below twenty thousand for the next few years. In spite of this, the C6 received rave reviews from journalists and consumers alike, and easily bested cars twice its price in both performance and features.

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