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Wiring Harnesses

Most Corvette owners – or car owners in general – have no idea the parts in their Corvette have an expected service life. Did you know the service life of a wiring harness is only 10 years? Meaning the wiring in your C1 Corvette was built to last 10 years, not the 40 or even 50 years many Corvettes have been on the road. Individual wires within a harness are made of copper strand housed in plastic. Over time the plastic deteriorates and becomes brittle and cracked, allowing moisture to get into the wire, which in turn causes the copper to corrode. Ultimately this process could end in disaster, i.e., corroded wires lead to short circuits – and short circuits have the potential to turn into electrical fires. Cost-wise within the scope of a comprehensive restoration, the fractional expense of new wiring harnesses is your best money spent, providing years of reliability and safety. Zip’s 1953-1962 Corvette wiring harnesses are correct reproductions featuring the same connectors, wire sizes and colors as the originals. Zip\'s line of Corvette parts also includes Wiring Harness Packages for an all-in-one box restoration. Experience newfound confidence in your Corvette\'s electrical system with reproduction harnesses from Zip Corvette!

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