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From hood alignment blocks to nose emblems to outer door handle sets, Trim Parts offers the very best GM licensed restoration trim pieces! Hurry - sale ends at midnight Monday, September 30.

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  1. 1953-1955 Corvette Front Emblem Assembly
    53-55 Front Emblem Assembly Price:
    SKU: T-419
  2. 53-55 Horn Button Assembly
    53-55 Horn Button Assembly Price:
    SKU: SC-704
  3. 1953-1960 Corvette Turn Signal Lever (White Knob)
    53-60 Turn Signal Lever (White Knob) Price:
    SKU: SC-14
  4. 1953-1962 Corvette Park Light Lens w/Gasket
    53-62 Park Light Lens w/Gasket Price:
    SKU: L-338
  5. 1955-1957E Corvette Ignition Switch Backplate
    55-57E Ignition Switch Backplate Price:
    SKU: ES-337
  6. 1954-1955 Corvette Radio Lens "Wonder Bar"
    54-55 Radio Lens - Wonder Bar Price:
    SKU: D-779
  7. 1953-1955 Corvette Clock Bezel
    53-55 Clock Bezel Price:
    SKU: D-778
  8. 1953-1955 Corvette 6-Cylinder Tachometer Face w/Numbers
    53-55 6-Cylinder Tachometer Face w/Numbers Price:
    SKU: D-765
  9. 1955-1958 Corvette Inner Tachometer Face w/Dots
    55-58 Inner Tachometer Face w/Dots Price:
    SKU: D-764
  10. 1953-1958 Corvette Oil Gauge Face
    53-58 Oil Gauge Face Price:
    SKU: D-647
  11. 1953-1958 Corvette Ammeter Gauge Face
    53-58 Ammeter Gauge Face Price:
    SKU: D-646
  12. 1953-1958 Corvette Temperature Gauge Face
    53-58 Temperature Gauge Face Price:
    SKU: D-645
  13. 1953-1958 Corvette Fuel Gauge Face
    53-58 Fuel Gauge Face Price:
    SKU: D-644
  14. 1953-1957 Corvette Clock Face w/Numbers
    53-57 Clock Face w/Numbers Price:
    SKU: D-491
  15. 1953-1957 Corvette Speedometer Bezel
    53-57 Speedometer Bezel Price:
    SKU: D-349
  16. 1953-1962 Corvette Twin Small Gauge Bezel
    53-62 Twin Small Gauge Bezel Price:
    SKU: D-347
  17. 1953-1962 Corvette Tachometer Bezel
    53-62 Tachometer Bezel Price:
    SKU: D-346
  18. 1953-1957 Corvette Clock Lens
    53-57 Clock Lens Price:
    SKU: D-127
  19. 1955-1957 Corvette Gauge Lens Set (All Gauges)
    55-57 Gauge Lens Set (All Gauges) Price:
    SKU: D-123
  20. 1953-1958 Corvette Small Gauge Lenses
    53-58 Small Gauge Lenses Price:
    SKU: D-109
  21. 1955-1957 Corvette Tachometer Face w/Numbers
    55-57 Tachometer Face w/Numbers Price:
    SKU: D-105
  22. 1953-1962 Corvette Tachometer Lens
    53-62 Tachometer Lens Price:
    SKU: D-102
  23. 1953-1957 Corvette Speedometer Lens w/Numbers
    53-57 Speedometer Lens w/Numbers Price:
    SKU: D-100

23 Items

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Trim Parts, Inc. manufactures GM-licensed restoration parts for Chevrolet and Corvette. They are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products offered in the restoration industry, using the original GM tooling under licensing from GM, when available. Otherwise, Trim Parts builds all the tooling to meet the original GM specifications and Trim Parts quality.

All Trim Parts manufactured items are hand assembled and inspected prior to shipment. Plastic products are injection molded and hand trimmed one by one. Painted trim is painted by hand, one at time to ensure only the best quality work. All of this is done ensure that Trim Parts manufactures only the highest quality products, that cannot be matched by our competitors.
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