1975 Chevrolet Corvette Parts and Accessories

1975 Corvette Parts

1975 was the first year since 1964 in which GM only offered one engine displacement for the Corvette. In 1975, the small block 350ci came in two configurations. The base configuration produced 165 hp, while the L82 produced 205 hp. The Turbo Hydra-Matic was installed installed in 28,473 cars, and the remaining 9,992 buyers opted for the 4 speed manual in either wide or close gear ratios. A new , no-points distributor and High Energy Ignition were added, and the tachometer went from being distributor driven to electronically driven.

1975 also saw the installation of the Corvette’s first catalytic converter. In order to comply with new EPA regulations on exhaust emissions, a single Catalytic converter cleaned the exhaust, and then expelled in through two exit pipes.

Also unique about the 1975 car is its convertible. In July of 1975, in response to Federal Safety regulations, Chevrolet built the last C3 Convertible. Although the C4 eventually brought the drop-top ‘Vette back, 1975 was the last year that a Corvette convertible sold for less than its coupe counterpart. In 1975, these cars sold for $6,550.10, and $6,810.10, respectively.

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