Bluetooth Radio Amplifier
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Guess what? You don't need no stinking radio!

That's right. With the huge advances in both music and technology - an actual radio is no longer needed to listen to music while enjoying your Corvette. Unless of course you absolutely need to hear those guys on talk radio.

Zip's new Bluetooth amplifier can be used with or without a radio - simply connect your 2 or 4 speaker system directly to the amplifier and all our music is at the touch of your fingers on your mobile device. When connected to your Corvette's radio you'll have access to all your normal radio functions, plus once your Bluetooth is enabled, the internal sensor mutes the output from the radio and converts to your streamed audio. Plus, if you get a call on your device while streaming music the amplifier automatically mutes to make sure you don't miss those important calls.

Small enough (5" x 5" x 2") to be hidden anywhere - you can now keep your factory radio for it's aesthetics and hide behind the dash Bluetooth Amplifier for your musical enjoyment.

Bluetooth Radio Amplifier features:

  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • 180 Watts (45 x 4) Amplifier
  • Auxiliary In
  • Pre-Amp
  • Current Sensing for Outputs
  • Mutes on Incoming Calls
  • Easily Hides behind Dash (5" x 5" x2")

Vintage Car Audio

Love your vintage Corvette but miss streaming your music? Sick of trying to carry around outdated forms of music just to keep your playlists in your favorite car? Vintage Car Radio has a solution for that! They’ve engineered radios that combine the old Vintage look with modern technology so you have all the convenience of the advances of this decade. Perfect for cruising down the road to your favorite playlist streaming right from your phone.

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