1976 Chevrolet Corvette Parts and Accessories

1976 Corvette Parts

Ten years earlier, the top selling Corvette color was green. Oh, how the times change. In 1976, Green was the poorest selling color for the Corvette. Instead, white was the most popular color, and it was painted on over 10,000 cars. Silver, red, brown, and orange were other popular colors.

Prior to 1976, the air induction system was located at the rear of the hood. This made a noise which occupants could hear inside the vehicle. In ‘76, designers moved the air induction system to over the radiator, but left the outer design of the hood the same as the previous year. The hood design was changed in 1977, which means that the hood on the ‘76 car is unique amongst C3 cars.

46,558 Corvettes were sold during the 1976 model year. For the first time in thirteen years, only one body configuration was offered, the coupe. With its “sport” steering wheel (new for ‘76), the Corvette sold for a base price of $7,604.85. All customers optioned power brakes, and all but 173 cars were sold with power steering. Base engine output increased by 15 horsepower (to 180 hp), and the L82 produced 210 hp.

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