1987 Chevrolet Corvette Parts and Accessories

1987 Corvette Parts

For a mere $20,000 option (RPO B2K), buyers of the 1987 Corvette could have their car shipped from the factory to Callaway engineering, where Callaway would fit the Corvette with twin-turbos, and would make all the other necessary adjustments to help the ‘87 achieve 345 hp and 465 lb.-ft. of torque. All 188 of these cars achieved a top speed of 177.9 mph, and 65 of these were convertibles.

Chevrolet offered three different suspension configurations for the ‘87 Corvette. The standard suspension was best tuned for daily driving, and had a standard steering ratio. The new Z52 “sport handling” package was a hybrid between the Z51 and the base packages. The Z52 included Bilstein shocks, an engine oil cooler and HD radiator, and the structural enhancements which were standard for the convertible were installed on the coupe as a part of the Z52 package. The Z51 package was only available on the coupe, and was titled the “Performance Handling Package”. A fast steering ratio, all the features of the Z52 package, and a much stiffer ride were the primary characteristics of the Z51.

The Convertible sold well in 1987, and made up just over one-third of sales for the year. Total sales for the year reached 30,632. 20,007 were coupes, which had a base price of $27,999. Popular options were power door locks and seats, cruise control, and the premium stereo system.

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