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Engine Maintenance

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  1. 05-07 LS2 Air Filter (Delco)
    05-07 LS2 Air Filter (Delco) Price:
    SKU: AC-218
  2. 05-13 Emergency Fuse Kit (Default)
    05-13 Emergency Fuse Kit Price:
    SKU: E-1197
  3. 2005-2013 Corvette Knock Sensor
    05-13 Knock Sensor Price:
    SKU: EH-545
  4. 2005-2013 Corvette Spark Plug Wire Set
    05-13 Spark Plug Wire Set Price:
    SKU: M-3793
  5. 06-11 LS7 & 08-13 LS3 Delco Air Filter (A3077C)
    06-11 LS7 & 08-13 LS3 Delco Air Filter (A3077C) Price:
    SKU: AC-217
  6. 2006-2013 LS7/LS9 Corvette AC-Delco Spark Plug (41-104)
    06-13 LS7/LS9 AC-Delco Platinum Spark Plug (41-104) Price:
    SKU: M-3795
  7. 2006-2013 Corvette PF-48 Oil Filter
    06-13 PF48E Oil Filter Price:
    SKU: OP-148
  8. 1997-2006 Corvette PF-46 Oil Filter
    97-06 PF46 Oil Filter Price:
    SKU: M-3403

8 Items

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Zip Corvette has the best quality Corvette Parts available for your 2005-2013 Corvette. Whether you’re maintaining or upgrading your 6th generation Corvette, our selection of C6 Corvette Engine and Performance parts is unsurpassed. Our inventory selection includes serpentine belt tensioners, billet tensioner pulleys, and oil filters, along with air condition serpentine belts, spark plug wire sets, and knock sensors to fulfill your Corvette needs. In addition, Zip stands behind all of our Corvette parts with our "No-Hassle Guarantee" - That\'s customer service the Zip way!

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