15-19 Z06/GS ACS XL Front Fender Extensions
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A fusion between the ACS' XL Front Rock Guards and OEM Front Fender Extensions. ACS has integrated these two products into a single continuous fender extension to offer the most rock chip protection for your C7 Z06 and Grand Sport Corvette.

For those with existing mud flaps, you will no longer see the visible separation between mud flap and fender extensions. By relocating the seam to the front fender/fascia we are able to increase the protection in the rear while avoiding the gap between the rear of the OEM fender extension and guard.

ACS XL Front Fender extensions are painted in Carbon Flash Metallic Black to match all the existing carbon flash accent pieces on your C7 Corvette such as the front grill, hood insert, fender insert, emblems, rear quarter upper scoops, and many more!& Once you swap out your original fender extension, the entire car will have a consistent look. And, with the addition of our integrated XL rock guards, you'll be protecting your Z06 or Grand Sport Corvette from paint chips!

The installation procedure is a complete swap out and requires no modification to your Corvette. The XL Front Fender Extensions re-use all existing OEM mounting points as well as the bolts that are currently on your Corvette.

The biggest source of paint damage on a C7 Corvette comes from the larger wheels and particularly the tire set up. Due to the sticky performance tires on Z06 and Grand Sport Corvettes, all road surface debris is caught inside the threading and is launched towards the rear of the vehicle even at slow speeds! The best way to tackle this issue is by installing rock guards behind the wheels to catch any unwanted road surface debris. The XL Front Fender Extensions integrated and continuous panel ensures greatest level of protection for your C7 Z06 or Grand Sport Corvette.

Set includes both driver and passenger side front fender wheel well extensions. Car set.

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Generation C7
Model Year 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Advanced Composite

ACS (Advanced Composite Specialties) is an OEM validated composite manufacturer that specializes in RTM and Carbon Fiber body panels. ACS uses a mix of technology and personalized care to ensure your product is the most cost-effective it can be. In an industry where cost and quality are constantly jockeying for position, ACS uses its extensive knowledge and experience to offer the best composites for your Corvette. We like ACS products so much, we even installed their equipment on our C7 Stingray!

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