1955 Corvette Parts

1955 Corvette Parts

In 1955, Chevrolet installed its new 265ci V8 in all but seven 1955 Corvettes. Production for the year was low - only 700 cars were built. Although records for the year are largely a mystery, many assume production was low due to 1,100 ‘54 cars sitting unsold on dealer lots.

Chevy made several internal changes to the ‘55 Corvette. First, it switch from a 6 volt electrical system to a 12-volt system. Chrome-plated valve covers and a manual heater cutoff valve rounded out internal modifications.

‘55 Cars can be distinguished by the large gold “V” found in the script on each side of the car. Additionally, V8 ‘55s also had VINs starting with the letter “V”.

Most ‘55 cars shipped with a Powerglide Automatic Transmission, including all seven V6 cars. Eventually, GM began pairing its 3-speed manual with the V8, but available records indicate only 70-80 such cars were produced.

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