2005 Corvette Parts

2005 Corvette Parts

Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell paced the 2005 Indianapolis 500 in the all new C6 Corvette. This new Corvette sported a smaller body and external headlights. In fact, even though the Corvette’s layout (FR) remained unchanged from the C5, the body and interior were all-new for ‘05. The chassis was modified, and overall dimensions changed. Overall length and width both shrunk by 5.1 and 1.1 inches, respectively. GM also reduced body overhang by lengthening the wheelbase 1.2 inches.

The exposed headlights were new for the C6, and a departure from the previous four Corvette generations, which employed a hidden headlight design. The headlight housing enclosed Xenon low-beams, tungsten-halogen high-beams, parking and running lights, and the turn indicators.

Passive Keyless Entry returned with a new trick for the C6. The new system unlocked the Corvette when the keyfob was in proximity, but it also activated the push-button ignition system. Other new convenience features available as standalone options included DVD based navigation, OnStar, XM radio, heated seats, and a powered convertible top.

The new-for-the-C6 LS2 displaced 6.0L and sent 400hp screaming to the rear wheels through its 6-speed manual or optional 4-speed automatic. Total production for the year was 37,372. 10,644 convertibles were sold, despite late-to-start production.

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