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  1. 53-74 Electronic Tachometer Conversion Kit (Default)
    53-74 Electronic Tachometer Conversion Kit Price:
    SKU: D-1017
  2. 1953-1977 Corvette Speedometer/Tachometer Mount Gasket
    53-77 Speedometer/Tachometer Mount Gasket Price:
    SKU: D-912
  3. 53-77 Speedometer/Tachometer Mount Grommet
    53-77 Speedometer/Tachometer Mount Grommet Price:
    SKU: D-1055
  4. 53-77 Speedometer / Tachometer Mount Screw
    53-77 Speedometer/Tachometer Mount Screw Price:
    SKU: D-1056
  5. 68-77 Speedometer or Tachometer Bezel
    68-77 Speedometer or Tachometer Bezel Price:
    SKU: D-1040
  6. 1968-1977 Corvette Speedometer to Tachometer Brace
    68-77 Speedometer to Tachometer Brace Price:
    SKU: D-1000
  7. 1969-1982 Corvette Speedometer/Tachometer Cable Retaining Clip
    69-82 Speedometer/Tachometer Cable Retaining Clip Price:
    SKU: D-904
  8. 72-74 5300rpm Tachometer (Electronic)
    72-74 5300rpm Tachometer (Electronic) Price:
    SKU: D-1079
  9. 1972-1974 Corvette 5300rpm Tachometer Assembly
    72-74 5300rpm Tachometer Assembly Price:
    SKU: D-718
  10. 72-74 5600rpm Tachometer (Electronic)
    72-74 5600rpm Tachometer (Electronic) Price:
    SKU: D-1080
  11. 1972-1974 Corvette 5600rpm Tachometer Assembly
    72-74 5600rpm Tachometer Assembly Price:
    SKU: D-719
  12. 72-74 6000rpm Tachometer (Electronic)
    72-74 6000rpm Tachometer (Electronic) Price:
    SKU: D-1081
  13. 1972-1974 Corvette 6000rpm Tachometer Assembly
    72-74 6000rpm Tachometer Assembly Price:
    SKU: D-720
  14. 72-74 6500rpm Tachometer (Electronic)
    72-74 6500rpm Tachometer (Electronic) Price:
    SKU: D-1082
  15. 72-74 6500rpm Tachometer Assembly
    72-74 6500rpm Tachometer Assembly Price:
    SKU: D-721
  16. 1972-1977 Corvette Speedometer/Tachometer Plastic Housing
    72-77 Speedometer/Tachometer Plastic Housing Price:
    SKU: D-878

16 Items

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Zip Corvette has the best quality Corvette Parts available for your 1968-1982 Corvette. Whether you’re maintaining your Shark Corvette or completing a full restoration, our selection of C3 Corvette Interior parts is unsurpassed. Our inventory selection includes tachometer circuit boards and tachometer plastic housings, along with tachometer filters and new reproduction tachometers to replace your gauges in a cost effective way and aid in your Corvette restoration. In addition, Zip stands behind all of our Corvette parts with our "No-Hassle Guarantee" - That\'s customer service the Zip way!

Replace or rebuild your 1968-1982 C3 Corvette\'s tachometer with a new reproduction tachometer or tachometer hardware and components from Zip. With a wide selection of C3 Corvette tachometers and rebuild components you will no longer have to deal with incorrect RPM readings while driving your Corvette. If you would like to learn how to repair a 1975-1982 C3 Corvette Tachometer, read Zip\'s Corvette Electronic Tachometer Repair technical article at Corvette Magazine.

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