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Adam's Eco Friendly Waterless Car Wash
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Why Go Waterless?

Your Corvette does not always need a full bath with soap and water. Light surface dust, fingerprints, or other minor surface contamination can be easily and safely removed using Adam's Waterless Wash. The waterless car wash saves water, is quicker than a traditional wash, prolongs your wax or sealant life by using a less invasive method to clean and not to mention it can be used in direct sunlight.

How Does it Work?

Spray on a moderately dirty finish, wipe clean with an Adam's Blue Waterless Waffle Microfiber Towel or similar. The special lubricants and wetting agents encapsulate the dirt, making it easy to clean your Corvette's paint without using water or causing damage.

How is it different than Adam's Detail Spray?

The Waterless Wash is a more effective cleaner and has more lubricant designed to remove larger dirt particles without causing swirls. It also has no gloss enhancers, so it leaves your Corvette's paint clean but not glossy. Follow the Waterless Wash with Detail Spray to enhance the gloss! 16oz Container.

This item is proudly Made in the USA


When he was nine, Adam Pitale started his own bike repair business. By the age of 12, he hired another boy from the neighborhood and during high school and college, his mobile detailing operation focused on limousine fleets. After college, The Coca-Cola corporation hired Adam and his company. Adam’s Premium Car Care was responsible for detailing the 3,400 vehicle fleet over a 24 month period. Using what they learned caring for these large fleets, Adam developed a product line and began selling at swap meets. Eventually, his business took off and they began selling to dealers across the country. Zip uses Adam’s Car Care Products because they work.

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