1962 Chevrolet Corvette Parts and Accessories

1962 Corvette Parts

With a new year came a new engine. In 1962, Chevrolet installed its TurboFire 327 in the Corvette, which upped the horsepower in the base model to 250. Also new for ’62 was the unavailability of the two-tone paint schemes. Design changes to the side coves made it impossible to order Corvettes in contrasting colors.

The grille on the ’62 car was also changed from the 1961 model. A darkened shade of gray covered the mouth of the 1962 Corvette, and was very low-profile as one gazed at the car. The heater was finally added as a standard feature in 1962.

Another notable about the 1962 car is that it was the last Corvette until the C6 to display its headlights at all times. Secondly, The TurboFire 327 was available in four configurations. The base model generated 250 horses, but options were available for 300hp, 340hp, and a Fuel Injected model generating 360hp was also available.

Along with the drastic new design came a massive increase in Corvette sales in 1962. Chevy sold 14,531 Corvettes in 1962. The base price of a Corvette also increased to $4,038 in ’62, but the added features and performance were well worth the $104 price increase over the ’61 model. Today, the average ’62 ‘Vette sells for nearly $50,000 in the base engine configuration.

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