1970 Chevrolet Corvette Parts and Accessories

1970 Corvette Parts

Although the lowest production year since 1962, the 1970 Corvette received several enhancements to its base configuration. First, Chevrolet made the Posi-Traction axle a standard feature, which improved acceleration and helped the Corvette maintain traction on slippery surfaces. Second, Chevrolet finally shirked the 3 speed manual and instead offered a wide-ratio 4 speed as the standard gearbox. Third, Chevrolet included tinted windows in the base price of the 1970 car.

Also new for 1970 was the introduction of the 454ci big-block to the Corvette lineup. From the factory, the LS5 engine produced 390 hp. The LT1 engine option was first made available in 1970, and with its solid lifters, produced 370 hp.

Total production for 1970 was 17,316. Of this, only 6,648 were convertibles. The remaining 10,668 cars were of the coupe variety. As “The Last of the Mohicans”, the 1970 Corvette was truly a warrior car which charged on in the face of looming government regulations. Over the next few years, emissions and safety regulations stripped the Corvette of its chrome and forced it to swallow its horsepower.

Not many Corvettes are left from 1970, and those that are tend to sell for around $30,000.

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